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Do you know the lamp what are the combination of modern art form

by:Longjian     2020-08-27
Map the light of modern art market is also growing, start from a county cover where the brown gradually to the provincial cities. Now in addition to the provincial cities, l7 cities has become an important sales positions of modern lighting. Jing ying also covers basic provincial city, outstanding l7 cities and part of the city at the county level in jiangsu and zhejiang area. Light a variety of combination of modern art forms, the function is all ready. People are not merely content with the lamps and lanterns lighting function, is suitable for the requirements of the use of a variety of lamps and lanterns arises at the historic moment. Lighting and everyday items together is also a daily popular fashion, such as ceiling lamp, round mirror lights, flashlight yellow lights, etc. High technology. Due to the electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns, to adapt to different voltage, can adjust the brightness of the third generation of lighting lamps and lanterns. No flashing light, three wavelength chromatographic adjustable light, far-infrared radiation red light and so on can have vision protection function of lamps and lanterns also took to the market. Contemporary and contracted modern art lamp decorate a requirement as a whole is highlight the simple word, even more cluttered, the study is what need to build this kind of visual enjoyment. The study is a relatively messy space, whole embodies is a kind of congestion, also have no way to this, the study itself, the space is lesser, but put what is more, this requires the choice of lamps and lanterns cannot too much, cause the feeling of 'a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role', also more choice on color more downy lamplight, avoid damage to the eyes. More often, of course, we will choose to put desk lamp to increase the desk light, this is also a kind of protection for the eyesight. Modern lighting mostly tend to outdoor development because of disturbing factors, so the indoor throughout is difficult. Light from the market operation of modern art, simple modern art lamp ability as the center of gravity of the lamps and lanterns of sales growth is relatively fast, detailed embodiment in modern lighting, small color on tree lights for outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns. Pay attention to energy saving, economical and practical. With high-tech, modern lighting while power is low, but the amount of light of incandescent lamp is much higher than the same power, such as energy-saving lamps. Widespread adoption of new energy-saving light bulb has become a mainstream technology of modern lighting products.
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