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Do you know the color and the relationship of interior design? Do you know the fireplace is the focal point of the space?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
'Colour is mind,' said the Russian painter repin, in physical space, daily life and daily is belong to the trivia of life, and the colour is exclusive you a person's philosophy. And this also is not deep, and even a little easy to learn, generally speaking, the different color to the person's mood swings and psychological effects are different, warm color is red, yellow, orange can make your mind at ease, in the fireplace is one of the representative of modern furniture; The cool color series of green ash too quietly elegant, depressed at the same time also with the beauty of a depression, a lot of handmade painted penjing, chairs, have such characteristics. To sum up, however, all in all, as visual animals, human beings can be pleasing color to stimulate their own brain, anacreontic tonal can promote mental development, a lot of children room, the nursery teacher painted bright, clear; On the contrary, chronically depressed colour in the bad person, intelligence and brain development, would be affected. Said no big words, color is also one of the main factors determine intelligence color in interior design to play the role of a change or create a certain style, a strong visual impact and extremely rich head feeling of art to enjoy, you enter the unfamiliar environment, in the first 10 seconds or so left by the impression, 75% are from color. This is the irresistible law of nature, from color and continuity of fragmented memory and aesthetic experience with the habit, like a fireplace in the sitting room is put more easily than with TV setting wall of the sitting room to let a person remember, first, because red yellow orange colour lively, burning in the hearth heat, easily by the human eye to catch; Moreover the design elements brings novelty has indescribable desperately appeal. Josef albers, 约瑟夫阿尔伯斯) Mentioned in his book color composition was used to restore ancient ways tonal and complex cycle to rival the Lord high priest palace of colorful carpet. This kind of design in enduring and 30 s, and even then the collection of the handed down from ancient times and design also is enough to make you think old, old story elements of these can cause infinite association. In indoor furniture dominance is theme color, similar to the fireplace, but the other items is foil effect, key adornment but because its size is too small not protruding objects should be used mainly said the emphasis on color, background color, the main body color, the color relations between and among accent color is by no means isolated, fixed, color echo of repeating the same levels of use the key, is to control the whole and interior point. At the same time, they contact each other, each other echo, arouse the visual movement. In 2018, the department of cool and refreshing purple powder color is hot. Girl all kinds of powder, gay purple can be seen everywhere in the street, because of its downy tonal can build a quiet atmosphere, stimulating infinite inspiration, let people keep positive attitude for the future. Whether it is a scenery, a sofa, a set of photos, or a fireplace, have same-sex attraction on color piece connection, space relationship like a family, more cohesion.
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