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Do 'Jane' method of personality contracted droplight

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
'Jane' method, we can understand for simple, simple, it will do 'Jane' law personality contracted droplight, stand out from the complicated lighting environment, the lighting industry 'Jane' method, how should do? Now a lot of lighting companies are busy how to make their lamps and lanterns look more technology is complex, more bright is dazzing. But on the combination of aesthetic and no new design, new product, can not cause the attention of consumers, let a person produce interest, produce the purchase desires. Good design should be on the basis of the breakthrough tradition redefined, completes the 'Jane' method, seek the new design, reflect traditional in innovation, innovation, to health, healthy and continuous development. 'Jane' is an attitude, is also a kind of way, with simple design thinking, grasp the practicability, security, structural, beautiful sex of lamps and lanterns and originality.
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