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diy pipe floor lamp

by:Longjian     2020-03-11
I stumbled upon the tube lamp project a few weeks ago and immediately wanted to build my own light.
Because I used to do a lot of desk lamps, I wanted to explore new areas by building floor lamps.
The whole project took only a few steps and only took me an hour.
Warning: Due to the AC power supply involved in this project.
Please be careful when manually AC socket power supply.
Material list: Tools: drill a hole in the lid of the jar and pass the wire through it so that the bulb socket is inside the save jar.
You can now screw the bulb in or finally in.
I used an LED Edison light bulb to keep warm.
Place the base of the lamp on the wood and mark the position of the hole.
Then drill it in advance so that the screws do not damage the wood.
Then screw the base onto your heavy wood.
After that, you want to drop all the parts as you want the final product.
Then wire through each component as needed.
Finally, you can build the foundation of the lights and see what the final product will look like.
Once you \'ve done it right and feel comfortable with how it looks, you can tighten the pipe.
Connect the wall plug and on/off switch to the wire of the lamp through some terminal blocks.
Make sure there is no short circuit in your line.
I know these instructions are not as detailed as they were when copied.
But I think I will inspire your creativity and build your Longjian floor lamp in your own style.
Some ideas for future improvements: Finally, it would be nice to get your feedback.
Not only because this is my second article, but also because I want to improve the article.
Now it\'s your turn to build the lights yourself!
See you in the comments, sincere Langhalsdino :)
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