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Distinguish between the pros and cons of light quality and the grade of modern art?

by:Longjian     2020-09-06
The Chinese market after 20 years of development, in recent years, the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns industry presents the momentum of rapid growth, but now all kinds of brand in the market of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, more businesses in selling his lighting products using imported materials, belongs to the high-end products of seiko spy, so how to determine the pros and cons of the quality of the product and the height size of lamps and lanterns? In the structure of the decorative lighting and lighting design of the villa, high-end the attachment of lamps and lanterns is indispensable, it puts forward requirements on the quality and level of lamps and lanterns. Products on the market of lamps and lanterns of the eyes is full of beautiful things, of variable quality, the price is differ, there is no standard can be reference. Let jing ying lighting small make up teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons of modern lighting quality? The role of modern art, lamps and lanterns has a soft and gentle, modelling is grave and relaxed, there is no doubt the characteristic, is the European and classic style, with marble lamp for high-end imports of Spain. In the light of modern art of choose and buy when, in addition to the above identification method, we also need to know about the merchant's actual strength, reputation and word of mouth, so that we can understand the choose and buy, rest assured consumption. Your household adornment style belongs to the Chinese style, then I suggest indoor lighting can choose and buy some Chinese wind, the combination of modern lighting is marble lamp lighting, a good combination of Chinese and western, fine workmanship, materials standard, beautiful modelling, material and luxuriant, from technology and culture with other Anna furniture, Anna is Chinese characteristics crafts. Anna, lamps and lanterns has natural aristocratic, Anna's lamps and lanterns can be called Anna products of high quality goods. In contemporary family, use the function of modern art lamp shall be carried out according to the integral space artistic conception, in order to determine the layout form, light type, lamp and light way of matching. Cloth lamp should be in the form of coordinated with room to decorate, and match the furniture; The modelling of lamps and lanterns of material and furniture need consistency of the plastic material is qualitative, can reflect master's artistic conception. Through elaborate design, make household lights have bright finish the sitting room, bedroom quiet change, learning goals change, decorative content focus changes. On the premise of ensure that use light, enjoy with beautiful art to the people.
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