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Desk lamp control mode classification

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Touch touch the principle of desk lamp is installed inside electronic touch IC, and the touch lamp electrodes to form a control loop. When the body touch the induction of electrodes, touch signal pulsating direct current generated by the pulse signal transmitted touch-sensitive side, then the touch-sensitive end have a a trigger pulse signals, so as to control the lights; Touch again, will be generated by the pulsating dc borrowed a touch signal pulse signal transmitted touch-sensitive, touch-sensitive end at this time will stop a trigger pulse signals, when the alternating current through the zero, lights out naturally. Sometimes, however, after the blackout or voltage instability will also have to light up, touch the reception if excellent sensitivity of paper or cloth is also can be controlled. 2. Adjustable brightness adjustable desk lamp principle of work is composed of resistance R2, potentiometer RP1, capacitance C rc phase-shift circuit, adjust the RP1, can change the bidirectional thyristor conduction Angle of V, which changes the brightness of the light bulb EL. Current limiting resistor R1 for resistance. C rate is related to parallel circuit. In the case of R1, RP2 fixed, the size of the shunt by photosensitive resistance RL value to decide. When the grid voltage rise, the light intensity increases, RL value smaller, shunt, capacitance C on both ends of the voltage rises slowly, thyristor V conduction Angle decreases, and the output voltage is reduced, the light brightness down; Conversely, when the grid voltage drop, RL resistance increases, shunt, thyristor conduction Angle increases, the output voltage increases, the lighting levels increase. Lamp brightness automatically stable in value.
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