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Designer: this is what I have been looking for the encyclopedia

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
For the designers with the owner, when decorate always encountered such a problem, so the fireplace and how to choose? How do you design? For this kind of headache, small mo today will be some information to share with you about it. First, before the fireplace with design of choose and buy, we need to clear the following concepts: what are the specific classification fireplace? 1. According to fire division: false fire fireplace with 2 of the fireplace. Divided according to different fuels, fireplace and can be subdivided into: fireplace, fireplace, fireplace in several categories; False fire fireplace can be subdivided into: 3 d atomization fireplaces, electric fireplaces. 3. According to the different installation way, is divided into: independent type, embedded, hanging, etc. 4. From the point of view of the concept of fire partition, it can be divided into: single view fire fireplace, double side view fire fireplace, three different types, such as surface view fire fireplace. 5. As for the heating effect. In the fireplace and fireplace is definitely a good choice, of course, different installation ways will get different effects, such as freestanding equipment in the field of heating is superior to the embedded devices. Electric fireplace, 3 d atomization fireplace, fireplace better at adornment aspect. So in the choose and buy, it must be clear what they need, choose what kind of installation method, expected to what effect and so on. The fireplace when the choice medicine pay attention to what aspects? 1. What is the difference between independent type and embedded have anything specific? Embedded within just as its name implies is embedded into the wall, so highlight its advantages on adornment effect extremely, but because of embedded within the wall also led to the concept of fire, the heating area of also only once, so in terms of heating radiator has detached. Detached fireplace is independent of the outside world fireplace equipment directly, can do more than view of fire, heat, is simpler than the embedded installation, a higher degree of freedom. 2. The fireplace installation requirements have? Fireplace involves real flame and emissions, so there is a key point need to be pay attention to, is the chimney. 一个。 Chimney horizontal length can not higher than 25% of the vertical length, while the vertical length shall not be less than 5 meters. B。 Chimney show indoor parts, it is recommended to use double pipe design, for suction and discharge, security, and so on omni-directional Angle is more advantageous. 3. Furnace and the relationship of a stove or furnace thermal efficiency does not mean that the greater the thermal efficiency is higher, comparing both no relationship, efficiency of heating area with only related to thermal efficiency and the fireplace, and thermal efficiency by furnace design structure, into the risk control system, factors such as draught. KW power = stay warm fireplace space total volume M after present 14
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