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Depth resolution: what is self-priming fireplace doors?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
What is a self-priming fireplace doors? As the name suggests, it is a kind of appeared on the luxury fireplace in recent years a structure design and very clever, only need some external force, fireplace doors will be closed automatically, just like when we open the door, flips, self-priming fireplace doors for large fireplace with high temperature heat resistant glass-ceramic, is a kind of protection, it can effectively ease the open and close range caused by the impact of reaction. The self-priming fireplace doors its secret is composed of hot spring with leverage its own close hinge structure of precision, is very smooth, in the switch using experience feeling great. Self-priming door designed, not flashy technique, but to the feasible solution before fireplace doors in the face of the important technical difficulties - — High temperature deformation of the door. The most traditional design through the door between the furnace body and the close bite furnace sealing effect, but this kind of structure is one of the biggest disadvantages with the use of time, will oven door because the door handle with high temperature and external force produce the deformation of the internal hardware at this time, the amplitude of the whole sealing will greatly reduce the hearth, will improve fuel consumption, reduce the generation of heat. In traditional Settings once produced deformation, fireplace doors is not reversible, in the early of fireplace door is very small, the human eye is difficult to detect, then in the second stage, you need frequent replacement door sealing strip to guarantee the sealing of the furnace but this is the way to take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure; The last is the production of the third stage, even replace the sealing strip cannot guarantee the sealing of the furnace internal in at this point, you have to change new fireplace doors, because the use of traditional lever mechanism of door hinge structure, can produce internal hardware deformation at high temperature, the deformation is inevitable, is irreversible, and is especially material qualitative, design decisions. Because long-term under high temperature condition, the door on both ends of the steel products will soften, fireplace hinge of the door is internal precision complex structure, USES is physical occlusion principle, both ends with the internal hardware after deformation, oven door sealing inevitable decline, affect the furnace combustion efficiency and the overall safety performance. Until the birth of self-priming fireplace doors, really solve the problem in a certain sense, the boldest and most advanced innovation, is the use of hot spring hinge instead of the traditional design, as we all know, the spring in lasting and stretching is especially good, both of which guarantee the freedom of oven door activity, also ensures that users in the use of the experience, the biggest role is fully capable of absorption and release the fireplace closed door open when the tension with shock, fundamentally solve the problem of the oven door deformation, prolong the service life of the fireplace, fireplace maintenance costs, reduce possible safety concerns.
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