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Deeply loves the life and the pursuit of people, prefer the fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
In the temperate zone in Europe or America, the fireplace is essential important facilities in People's Daily life, is a kind of distinctive cultural symbol. In bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops even has its own form, on the other hand, the fireplace is also a kind of carrier of emotion, people around the party, chat, capable of fitting into the environmental atmosphere, even in the tropics in the public area, people also love through putting to use the fireplace, convey a kind of emotional symbol of the space, the atmosphere of warmth and reunion. Improved traditional combustion chamber by most of the fireplace is the refractory furnace mainly used on the back of modelling of iron metal, the benefits of this design is to start working fireplace, furnace back can directly generate heat radiation ( Cast iron has good heat resistance, ductility) of Mostly appear in hearth, 45 ° Angle, so as to concentrate reflect more calories, furnace are tilted back can also, get more reflection makes the heat flow, using hot air convection, make indoor air circulation. Embedded fireplace, and at the same time is the assembly into the furnace chamber of the natural fireplace frame of prefabricated semi-finished products in the fireplace, generally applicable to and fireplace, at the same time also in need to install the chimney, exhaust pipe, etc. For people who use the TV remote, there are a lot of the modernization of integrated fireplace products can meet your needs, or even just a little finger, can be in the cold winter snow was an idle lying in bed, a comfortable and wonderful perfect day. Modern fireplace in the production and installation is becoming more and more convenient, it can according to your requirements, whether simulation logs, can control the flame, or modern classical style of the shell of the production process, can be customized. No smoke and pollution, thermal efficiency is breathtaking, uniform and durable, the result of enamel microcrystalline heat-resistant glass technology, 'tame' flame is, after all, human beings, not only retained the traditional ornamental fireplace, more effectively improve the function of the fireplace to keep warm. Rational cavity design, more points at all levels, and air supply system has main fuel burning fully adjustable damper, can be in any place has its own installation: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, basement, patios, etc. Use the pellet fuel combustion pellet fireplace is green in recent years on the new favorite of European and American markets, the use of fuel - — Environmental protection particles, is is made of natural wood or plant stalks after crushing, drying, extrusion, granulation, screening of fuel, the flame aestheticism, with automatic ignition, blanking technology. Closed negative pressure combustion does not produce dust, in Europe and the United States, for the fireplace fuel more fastidious, pay more attention to the renewable, therefore, corn, peanuts and other nuts have also become one of the choice of new fuels, reflects a practical energy saving consciousness. Historically, the fireplace is the focus of the foil atmosphere in the bedroom space center. The development of The Times to the fireplace in the ancient and modern design elements bring new vitality, but we can be sure of a bit is the connotation of carrying on the fireplace has not changed; This is to see warmth. Dark with hope, let a person be expected, the delight, the external perfect emotional carrier stable enough to bring us happiness and a world of love.
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