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Customized art lamp what problem should note?

by:Longjian     2020-09-11
Prominent part of the landscape lighting lamp is art, art lamp styles, as long as change a little bit about the details, will also show different lighting style. In customized art lamp when you need to pay attention to the few summary skills by art lamp manufacturer. 1, understand the characteristics of the artistic lamp. Art lamp evolved by the street lamp, as people pursuit of beauty, the requirement of environment and art lighting is higher, the enthusiasm of the increasingly rising investment in landscape lighting, art lamp exactly corresponds with the pursuit of people, and beautify the environment, bring the characteristics of the artistic and aesthetic feeling at night. In terms of color, colorful art lamp can make it, the effect of several cast light, stage, for example, large leisure square, entertainment venues, etc. 2, the artistic lamp manufacture craft. Art lamp adopts steel Q235 or use stainless steel materials, life is more than 25 years, but also has the characteristics of bright art lights, so choose stainless steel material is just conforms to this characteristic, especially at night, the stainless steel material surface can also around the color of the reflected light, make the night more charming. 3, to understand art lamp order process. Street light products, such as the individual is bigger, more styles, so the stock quantity is less or no inventory, can be customized, general order cycle for a week to three weeks, depends on the number and complexity. Features: art lamp use high-quality light, brightness is higher than the ordinary LED products; The continuity of the light is good, bright lights line, whole even, flexibility is strong, can follow one's inclinations bending design. Road lamp protean art, using the art form of light, show the local features, the city added a memorable name card, design modeling optional design, exhibition with line type, but the overall flashing, together form a team change effect. High art light color consistency, available a variety of light source, show different effects. 1, art lamp conventional hob tied rainbow tube or led twinkle light, according to the specific design and product effect is provided by the guest or provide solution for our company engineer design draft, then by the guests provide advice. This product is made of steel and 36 per meter of rainbow tube lamp. 2, scope of application: art lamp, street lighting, designs city-lighting, park lighting, lighting of the scenic spot. Mainly used on both sides of the street and green belt, park lawn, in front of the hotel landscape lighting, etc. 3, art lights glowing all leds double-sided, CE standard plugs. Good safety. Outdoor use, are not afraid to get wet in the rain. Reached the IP44 waterproof standard, is the first choice for outdoor festival decoration products.
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