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Custom contracted and contemporary droplight needs refinement, not only rely on appearance levels have to rely on strength

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
Contracted and contemporary chandelier customization demand gradually to the fine development, relative finished products lamps and lanterns, the more strict requirements customization of lamps and lanterns, higher service requirements, to meet consumers on the size, color, material, function of lamps and lanterns and so on various aspects of demand, customized lamps and lanterns to stand up to every last detail. Reciprocal competition in the present market of lamps and lanterns of various kinds of style, lamps and lanterns of custom has been expanding trend of the development, and custom services in household enterprises blossom everywhere, custom from 'a few custom still now' most people's life, become the new trend for lighting enterprise. The consumers are mainly concentrated in 80, after 90, after the younger generation more personalized, customized products. This put forward higher request to the development of lighting industry, production capacity is also a test of the enterprise.
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