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Crystalline light cleaning dirty? Teach you the correct maintenance skills!

by:Longjian     2020-09-29
Crystalline light cleaning dirty? Teach you the correct maintenance skills! For friends who love Europe type amorous feelings, can have an appropriate crystalline light can say is the standard of the outfit, the crystalline light can bring room elegant and fashionable breath, and be loved by numerous consumer choose and buy. Although there are now more types, more style of lamp act the role ofing has entered the market. But there are still a lot of people like crystal lamp. The magnificent and beautiful crystal lamp how the maintenance? Then come and guangzhou lighting look at maintain the method of crystal! 1, sometimes, crystal and in addition to some of the dust, there would be some other dirt. Dust is soluble in water, and therefore can be wiped with water directly. And other dirt is insoluble in water, so we need to use some solvent to remove. Kerosene is a good solvent such stains, for example, can easily to remove it. Or use a mild soap soap water, repeatedly with a soft cloth to clean with the crystal droplight of kerosene, then wipe clean with clear water. 2, crystal lamp is very beautiful, but more dust is not good, so we should often wipe the crystalline light can, in clean crystalline light must cut off power supply first, when we are in the case of brush crystalline light, be continous cloth had better, avoid to crystalline light, cotton cloth on detergent diluted water can clean, can wipe gently in the crystal beads are on the back. 3, when we were in polished crystal lamp, should pay attention to my own way to wipe, don't be hard to wipe the crystal lamp, it will destroy the crystalline light of the lamp body, in addition you wipe, never use hand holding onto the beads of the crystalline light down, it will accidentally break strings. 4, you need to pay attention to the thing, sometimes crystal lamp is very dirty, everyone needs a good clean full name, then in pay attention to the crystal beads of light, if you want to tear down all strings, so we suggest that we need to remember good bead string of Numbers, and then in the cleaning, so after the installation is easy. 5, some dust dirt more oil, then we need to touch more water to clean it, usually tubes this position will be more apparent, this is caused by heating tubes, which the dirt just dust is not other material. This situation proposed to crystal droplight and dismantling down carefully and repeatedly scrub with wet soft cloth. Scrub when pay attention to don't let the crystal chandelier metal accessories for too long time to come into contact with the water, prevent rust affect beautiful, even cause safety concerns. 6, crystal lamp stents and accessories we need to pay attention to when wiping method, otherwise will cause the damage of crystalline light, your attention is that we don't touch water to rags, more is not touch alcohol such as clean water, otherwise will damage the plating outside of the protective film. 7, everyone at the time of cleaning our crystal lamp, want to buy special cleaning agent, this can be a powerful protection of crystalline light, these professional cleaning agent as long as the spray on the crystal lamps and lanterns, detergent will along with dirt and stains. 8, before we do the cleaning, should be in the ground covered with a thick layer of carpet, useless old clothes or professional crystal for the nets, because crystal easily broken, if I fell to the floor will be broken, we clean up will be more troublesome, also easy to hurt. If your home with crystal lamp, in the course of normal use must pay attention to maintenance. The correct maintenance of the effective ways can make crystal lamp to keep the original beauty and light, at the same time, it can prolong the service life of it. If it is found that metal parts are rusty phenomenon, should change in time, in order to avoid the pitfalls long period of time. Above is the guangzhou lighting summary for everybody, about how to maintain clean crystal lamp, hope I can help you ~
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