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creative space: new fireplace limits furniture placement

by:Longjian     2020-03-31
Q: I hope you can help us solve some of the problems we are facing in our living room renovation project.
The area we are working on is quite large with three large windows that flood the space with light.
We installed a new gas fireplace between the two windows and a new French door at the opening of the hall.
What puzzles us is the color selection of the walls and carpets, and the best way to arrange the furniture.
Thanks to the addition of a fireplace, there is less room for the walls to place any seat.
At present, the walls are painted in a soft gray color of white wood products, and one wall is painted with an outdated pattern of pink and red flowers. The wall-to-
The carpet is burgundy red and needs to be replaced urgently.
We wanted to keep our dark wooden end table and an antique console table in this room.
A: The design elements you add to these renovations will not only bring more classic air to the room, but will also make the space look more comfortable by clearly defining each space.
But while the new fireplace and French doors add charm and elegance, there are some consequences for these new features.
Although your living room is relatively large, the increased furniture will reduce the possibility of furniture arrangement and then make the room appear smaller.
The selection position of the Longjian fireplace is set between the two of the three windows, which is most logical, but it cuts a large chunk from the center of the room, limiting the possibility of a large seat.
Seats should face some interesting things if possible, the main consideration of this room must now be the fireplace.
As I showed in the plan, the main seat should be grouped around it to form a comfortable conversation --
Configuration oriented, while maintaining a clear traffic path from the French door to the kitchen (
The path without going through the seating area is always the best). A full-
The size of the sofa, the love seat and the occasional chair will provide seating for six people very well.
Due to the area required to allow the door to swing, the location of the French door will also limit the placement of furniture.
If it is not too late in the decoration process, consider fixing a French door in place so that only one door can be used.
This will maintain a better circulation inside and around the living room.
In a successful room, the color will play a very important role.
Considering the open feel and the new classical feel, I would like to suggest a color palette in yellow and red.
Start with more or less permanent elements, such as the new tiles needed for the fireplace.
As the focus, the eyes will naturally attract to the place where the fireplace and red
The brown tiles here provide the natural warmth of the space.
For your new carpet, choose a neutral vanilla tone that will give you the right amount of yellow without making you feel overwhelming.
On the wall, choose a softer yellow color
Beige shades, which will complement the red color, provide a coordinated background for your furniture.
To increase the contrast, draw all the window and door decorations in bright, smooth white tones.
Remember to prepare the wood and make sure all the flaws and flaws are removed as the gloss paint will highlight them.
David Ferguson is a regular contributor to radio CBC Ontario today.
Write to David at David.
Ferguson @ hotmail. ca.
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