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Creative lighting designed to illuminate your inspiration

by:Longjian     2020-10-09
The inspiration of the creative lighting designed to illuminate your lamps and lanterns, besides the function of lighting, also can become the protagonist of decoration. Sometimes life need some change and stand out, the unique design, let heart dug out the side with the tong zhen. Small make up is particularly recommend the lamps and lanterns of all kinds of creative design, let you open lamp act the role ofing horizon. PART1: French newspaper this kind of lamp act the role ofing can completely satisfy the amount of DIY of people began to desire, satisfy the creativity of people appreciate the desire, also can meet the night lovers dream. As long as you belong to one of them, this atmosphere lamp is acted the role of absolute household style that suits you. Who would have thought that glows a homemade canvas shoes? PART2: creative inspiration unplugged bulbs that you have met? The product fully meet the curiosity of you all to not put the light bulb. It is a can absorb sunlight unplugged ice lamp, clear square brick built into a green fluorescent light bulbs, as long as exposure to sunlight or lamplight generally charge for a period of time, which can send out moderate fluorescence in the dark of the night. PART3: like nostalgic you nostalgic amorous feelings, when lit a small lantern, grandpa is found in an instant that s simplicity? A normal night, if you have the ornament of the kerosene lamp, watch an old movie from the '60 s, the usual night can also be romantic and warm, full of poetic nostalgic. Use of imitation of denim fabrics designed umbrella lights on, also with a big apple LOGO. As of the last century cowboy brand, take the your nostalgia?
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