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Contracted to absorb dome light have longevity in the method of maintenance tips to tell you

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
Contracted dome light as important family adornment, good or not is related to home life quality, but a lot of people don't pay attention to the maintenance problem of lamps and lanterns, if one thousand is broken lamps and lanterns also thought it was quality problem, actually otherwise, at the time of use or installation of lamps and lanterns has the certain regularity, if in accordance with the law to use, the service life of lamps and lanterns is very long. The premise of correct use of ShiYanChang service life of lamps and lanterns, if not installed correctly, but it is easy to broken, lamps and lanterns, sometimes even explosion is very dangerous. The lamp should be moistureproof lamp shade of toilet, kitchen lamp should pay attention to prevent lampblack, and should often wipe. Lamps and lanterns use after a period of time can precipitate a thick layer of dust, affect our vision, so can't avoid to regular cleaning, do not change the structure of lamps and lanterns, in the process of cleaning up don't replacement parts, after the cleaning to be packed according to the sample, the general lamps and lanterns with dry cloth to wipe, and to prevent moisture intrusion. And reduce the switch of lamps and lanterns, lamp lights the most frequent injuries.
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