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Contemporary sitting room wall lamp for what must pay attention to the environment

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Now many people like to decorate the modern living room wall lamp, but for the wall lamp in the middle of the environment also has a lot of exquisite, edge operation there are practical to everybody, so the contemporary sitting room wall lamp is in geomantic exquisite what specific requirements? Below you have a detailed introduction, you can also find some specific operations. The sitting room is the place where guests, if is to choose too dim the lights, will definitely affect the master's career development, so in modern living room wall lamp, bright sitting room no dim. Said noble, some of the lack of sunlight sitting room interior dim, could easily lead to host depressed, this kind of situation can be in the midst of the edges of the ceiling wooden trough to fill light, the light reflected from the ceiling softer and also not dazzling. Contemporary sitting room wall lamp, many families are dark place more, once the dark it is easy to produce things, at the time of the design of lamps and lanterns, don't use a single central source, can use the land for a combination of light in the living room or bedroom can use wall lamp light and halogen collocation of desk lamp and so on, try to light up the whole room. https://www. jiagle。 com/dengshi_dengshi_news/1539790。 HTML contemporary sitting room wall lamp is warm color attune is given priority to, appropriate light source is for white light source, generally pay attention to light color, in the middle of the environment also means the change of the color between cold tone, use with home five lines of collocation, focuses on the changes in temperature is given priority to with sun be the spirit of the family, so the lighting decoration color also should be given priority to with warm light, red, orange, yellow, warm illuminant, green, blue purple as cold light source, so warm color tone as the main color of contemporary sitting room wall lamp. The sitting room wall lamp were also more likely to appear in public life, to a certain environment also has exquisite.
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