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Contemporary and contracted a bedroom, simple and comfortable 2 the world [ Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-12
Contemporary and contracted a bedroom, simple and comfortable 2 the world [ Contemporary and contracted droplight] Work has been very busy after coming home you want to a little bit more simple, take a bath, sleep, play games. There is no adornment, hang a picture, in addition to the necessary appliances and digital products, clean and simple. Entry porch, this is the home and life sight of the white is the tallest of store content ark, the mistress of the house bought shoes don't have to worry about no place to put ~ a word wide bay, a variety of functions. Public areas of the capacious and bright, ventilated daylighting is very good! Doesn't use a few times a year for homeowners couples in gas burner lampblack machine, open mode kitchen, west island type table is the inevitable choice, meet all kinds of commonly used appliances also reserved the space fully. Room decoration as far as possible concise, only the classic black and white and gray color. In now so various design style, choose suitable for their own contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers, that's the biggest difference. White clean tableware, the food fresh. Sitting room, line of short ark, all the clutter in the home in a cupboard, drug, tools, consumables, snacks life receive, all looking for a good position in advance. Home is always clean. And play games with the beloved people sit together, hand in hand and make in the virtual world. Eat the left front leads to the bedroom. The entrance to the bedroom is the hostess favorite cloakroom, adornment collocation good travel every day, to show the world the most beautiful yourself. The wall of the bedroom without any decoration, very clean, yellow lights give room to create warm atmosphere. Quiet nook to merge the aisle of the bedroom and bathroom dry area, by using the newly built wall thickness, to make a powerful lens ark of receive a function. Due to personal reasons, male host cancelled the transom, using exhaust fan. Made wall-mountable toilet water tank, the use of metope to pipelines. Convenient to clean, can also be appropriate to move, also on the plane layout will be more flexible. Source: creative home decoration
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