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Compared with air conditioning, heating, fireplace heating effect how?

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Now, it's no longer just appeared in the movie, more and more people to install the fireplace to keep warm. So, its heating effect? Compared with the air conditioning and central heating? 1, the heat conduction mode and principle of the fireplace, fireplace is specifically designed to heating heating equipment, its thermal heating way has two kinds: radiant and convection type. Radiant heat conduction, as if the sun radiation, mainly through infrared ray heating, with space limitations, cannot penetrate obstacles or next to the space heating, heat transfer area of the fire started to decline. For example, your house has three rooms of 110 square meters, and the fireplace in the living room, then the heating area is roughly in the living room area, and the rest of the space there is almost no heating effect. Overall, radiant fireplace is a local heating equipment, can't really do whole house heating. The flow pattern of thermal conductivity, is for the space heating inside the furnace body, can make the three-dimensional space of cold and hot air circulation, drive the transformation of indoor air, heating uniformity inside the furnace can be conductive to the space. To be better than that of the radiant heat conduction, convection type. Air convection fireplace under certain conditions, in general, the whole house belong to can be heated. 2, compared with air conditioning, heating which is better? ( 1) From the heating effect of the air conditioning is mainly adjust temperature equipment, than the fireplace for heating, heating effect is less. Indoor air conditioning heating temperature rise slowly, and not comfortable to make indoor air is dry. And when the room temperature Below 10 ℃, the lose of air conditioning system of warm, can not meet the need of the warming effect. When heating is central heating, heating, is not to decide how high temperature. And fireplace as household independent heating of the heat source, heating thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%, in addition to have no central heating boiler, pipe heat loss and invalid heat loss and waste, can also control, flexible adjustment, when want to open, how high temperature can, to be your own boss without heating the bitter looking forward to hurry. In addition, the heating power of the fireplace is much larger than all kinds of air conditioning and central heating. In - Under the temperature of 10 ℃, 40 - 100 - square - meter house, fireplaces ignite 10 minutes, can make indoor temperature rise to more than 20 ℃. Fireplace heat transfer as the sun, its center can reach several baidu, temperature fan gradually weakened. Formed by the uneven temperature of air convection, adjust indoor dry humidity, bring human settlements balance. ( 2) From the cost of using the fireplace is a one-time investment, although the furnace itself can buy installation costs relative to air conditioning heating floor high, late but the cost is low. Use fixed number of year long the stove itself, wood can be purchased from the Internet, more than one thousand dollars can buy 1 ton pack all chopped wood for the delivery, can use about a year. Expensive, and air conditioning use fixed number of year short, electricity floor heating costs are not low, air conditioning and heating floor later use cost can be used to buy a fireplace. All in all, as a specialized heating, fireplace heating effect is better than air conditioning, more comfortable, more flexible than heat, can control more, and more atmosphere, more beautiful, more cost-effective, is at present a lot of home heating choice. In this paper, by the fireplace arrange release!
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