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Coming from 1854 - — Ernest Martin,

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
Ernest Martin, is a company that has 150 years of history, Founded in 1854) 。 It brings together the Belgian authority in the field of coal burning fireplace builders and designers, is born to be era and typical representative of enduring. In the early days, Ernest Martin and 'Fonderie du Lyon' merge. Qiangqiang joint makes Ernest Martin's ability to further enhance, thanks to the staff, a kind of to now but still process in the production of cast iron stoves without planes, marla cars, and religious persecution s birth, but in terms of the fireplace and heating field, this is another industrial revolution! Subsequently, the founder of Ernest Martin, 内斯托尔·马丁,1825年 1916). Founded in HUY copper casting factory. Marks the company into new technology for further breakthroughs in determination, as we all know, heat conduction and heat capacity of single wheel, the better the performance of iron and cast iron, and copper on the ductility of excellence, is can be made into more categories, the key to more modern style, to know the 19th century European court, a Nestor · Martin's fireplace symbol is not exalt identity, but also master the fashion trendy understand! Reportedly, emperor napoleon iii of Nestor Martin particularly. Thirty years later, the company obtained the huge development, number of employees rose by 700, the export market share very, a lot of new aristocracy, planters, royalty and nanyang businessmen from the Orient, all kinds of, all over the world, if the beginning of the 20th century have search engines such as Google, the Internet, Ernest Martin will share very. As a traditional cast iron founder, Ernest Martin always holds on the spirit of innovation. Their design has been ahead of its time. Innovation, reliability, safety and durability is the stamp of the company for more than 150 years has been carried. After the second world war, factory and professional enamel cast iron model makes Mr Martin become Europe's very popular brand, all manufacturers have cooperation with Germany, make the brand popular throughout Europe. Got the biggest growth, especially in the export side. Japan, Argentina and Germany factory, in Mr Martin's work, and at the same time in the UK, Chile and Egypt. Above all factories in the production of production of household electrical appliances ( Gas and electricity) Sadly, in the 70 s, the group is not adapt to the new economic situation, most of the factories gradually collapse. But on the edge of the life and death, then the group President contract signed with Spain hergom m&a, with a new way to active on the world stage, remained predecessors in the plain style of more than 150 years ago. No one will go through more than 150 years ago who is the king of Spain, but the most central location in your family, four generations, never change the fireplace, printed with Ernest Martin is made in 1883
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