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Choose lamps and lanterns of contemporary and contracted? Lamp act the role ofing to teach you how to match

by:Longjian     2020-09-23
Choose lamps and lanterns of contemporary and contracted? Lamp act the role ofing to teach you how to match contemporary and contracted style lamps and lanterns is how to choose 1, pay attention to height and environment at the time of choosing lamps and lanterns, we should consider the room height and indoor environment, first of all, the thickness of droplight to less than a third of the diameter of the chandelier, and droplight hood surface distance from the top of the net height and thickness ratio should be the one to one, this droplight is more appropriate. 2, pay attention to the quality of itself of lamps and lanterns choose contracted style of lamp act the role ofing, first to look at the above pendant lamps and lanterns and see if it can withstand the weight of lamps and lanterns, of course, want to consider the quality of the chandelier, metal guajian cannot too thick, the above all choose good quality glass and crystal, additional accessories above also should pay attention to quality. 3, according to the size of the house of choice lamps and lanterns also depends on the size of the room to choose appropriate proportion of lamp act the role ofing, according to the height of the house to choose lighting is a more scientific way, the distance of the ground to the ceiling should have at least 2. The height of 2 meters. 4, collocation is acted the role of energy saving when we choose to lamp act the role ofing should choose to install energy-saving light source or bring their own lighting, don't choose the lamp with plating, this kind of lamp act the role ofing is prone to oxidation, largely effect the beauty of the product. Contemporary and contracted style collocation lamp? 1, comparison, cultured people can choose the lamps and lanterns of this circular, modelling is simple but very artistic feeling, match the furniture of light color and a few rich artistic picture hangs a picture is more wonderful. The droplight with type 2, also can choose this kind of fan, fan of each tail hanging a lamps and lanterns, very suitable for contemporary and contracted style living room decoration. 3, also can choose the droplight like bells, copper metal is full of artistic breath of restoring ancient ways, because the chandelier can be a bit high, when selecting it pay attention to the height of the building. 4, the restaurant can use some simple droplight, such as cylindrical simple condole top, but should pay attention to the intensity of the light, restaurant choice brightness is larger droplight. 5, bedroom must need to use the desk lamp, desk lamp also don't need to choose too fancy, modelling is simple as far as possible, such as the above cylindrical lamp is good, the decorative pattern of desk lamp have no spare, conforms to the characteristics of contemporary and contracted style. 6, the kitchen can choose the lamps and lanterns of square, the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen do not need to choose droplight, now the kind of lamps and lanterns can stick to the ceiling.
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