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Choose droplight sitting room

by:Longjian     2020-09-05
In the real society, the droplight in dim for us to play the role of a lighting at night, of course different droplight, also reflected the role of a few adornment, make the sitting room are ornamental. So original sitting room lighting brand droplight how to choose? How to choose the droplight in the living room, choose droplight, better not to choose the light is too cheap, it is generally no quality assurance, in general, the droplight of luxury is suitable for composite residential, indirect low-voltage lanterns is very suitable for ordinary residential, we buy need to install the droplight of energy-saving light source, choose the full metal material inside and outside the consistent droplight. Do not because it is to good plating class droplight rub off after a long time. Second, the current grade or crystal droplight, we at the time of purchase crystal droplight needs careful see, because the market most of the crystalline light above are made from imitation crystal, imitated crystal material is using high-tech materials. But are plastic and inferior crystalline light ACTS as the material, its quality is not completely. The type of crystalline light strip crystal chandeliers, crystal glass mid-range modelling droplight, natural crystal -cutting modelling chandeliers, crystal pendant droplight, etc. Many products can be better for us to choose. Three, in the lobby area of the sitting room, can put original appearance of classical lighting brand of Chinese style droplight, which makes people into the door, can feel the atmosphere of enthusiastic joy, Chinese style design is very good to tell the guest, however, that this is a traditional family. But beware: the specifications of the lamps and lanterns, the style should be matched with the sitting room. In addition, if want to highlight the screen and decorations, you need to add to shoot the light, to better show the styles of lamps and lanterns and unique. According to the home decorate a style to choose lamps and lanterns. Europe type style can choose fancy lamps and lanterns or crystal lamp. Modern decoration can choose ordinary absorb dome light. Consider the color temperature of lamps and lanterns. Recommended around 4000 k. Because of 4000 k color temperature close to the sun, around 2700 k color temperature light yellow, color WenTaiLiang around 6000 k. Good, simple structure, try to choose some brands of lamps and lanterns.
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