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choose bathroom ceiling lights with care to make a big impact with the smallest room

by:Longjian     2020-04-06
By choosing the bathroom lighting wisely, you can create beauty in the functional space.
The bathroom needs two kinds of light, environment lighting and task lighting;
With a carefully designed bathroom ceiling light, you\'ll be 50% complete.
Another 50% is task lighting, which can be handled with bathroom mirror lighting and downlights.
In terms of ceiling lamps, you can choose between halogen lamps, compact fluorescent tubes and GU10 lamps.
Halogen lamps are bright and modern, although they have a short life span compared to other options, and it is really hot to touch.
The compact fluorescent lamp has excellent light output, long service life and low operating cost.
The downside is that there is a disposal problem because it contains a small amount of mercury.
Nothing is perfect, even in the world of lighting!
Halogen lamps will undoubtedly present the most accurate skin tone, so this may be the best option for women with makeup.
If in order to save energy, you are considering replacing the tungsten halogen lamp with the GU10 lamp, you should realize that the length of the GU10 lamp is much longer and will be displayed at the end of the lamp.
You will notice that the LED lights are not included in the options, because unless you choose a high color temperature type LED, they do not provide light as powerful as halogen lamps.
The light they provide is not very suitable for the bathroom environment.
Mention the bathroom lighting area again, I don\'t apologize, you have to make sure that any of the emergency lights you choose are in compliance with the regulations.
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