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Chinese style of wall lamp material and variety what ___ zhongshan lamp act the role ofing, respectively

by:Longjian     2020-09-29
Chinese style of wall lamp material and variety respectively have? Wall lamp style can be divided into Chinese style western-style wall lamp and wall lamp, wall lamp is conforms to our country's aesthetic, Chinese can be more popular, this day will come guangzhou lighting and everyone together to understand understand, about the material of wall lamp is introduced as well as Chinese style Chinese style of wall lamp type what knowledge. One, Chinese style of wall lamp material introduction 1, wall lamp material: ceramic pottery and porcelain is also the material more wall lamps and lanterns, is more famous JingDe ceramic, of course the price is more expensive, because made of porcelain lamp is a work of art, the ceramic material was also the representative of Chinese style lamp. Made of porcelain, the lights of the fusion line, the transmission of light is strong, and are generally in China with Chinese classical art, is a real work of art, the more common wall lamps and lanterns has absorb dome light, desk lamp. 2, wall lamp material: hardware metal hardware with more metal is as the chassis of lamps and lanterns, more common is stainless steel, a lot of dome light of chassis and absorb dome light fixed plate is made of metal materials to. The role of the metal is fixed and decorative effect, generally with iron copper and some alloy material, metal used in fixed bracket, copper is not easy to rust do some screw fittings, alloy material with flexible can do some modelling. 3, wall lamp material: goatskin parchment is also made of call wall lamps and lanterns more material is relatively small, it is the light of the main materials of Chinese style style, many Chinese style lamp shade must be with parchment paper to show the characteristic of Chinese style lamp characteristics. But also make full use of modern thin sheepskin good light penetration characteristics of production became the communist party of China (the classical style of sheepskin lamp, made of sheepskin line downy lamplight, a symbol of warm family, so if it is to have a friend bought Chinese style lamp is very clear, parchment out of the light is very soft, sweet, a classic breath. What 1 second, Chinese style wall lamp type, head of a bed, wall lamp, wall lamp of the head of a bed is mostly installed in the upper left of the head of a bed, lamp holder can turn wanxiang, concentrated beam of light, easy to read. Mirror wall lamp decoration near the bathroom mirror to use more. 2, mirror, wall lamp, mirror wall lamp is mainly installed in toilet bath mirror above the bathroom ark, when used in dressing, dress up a kind of lamps and lanterns of lighting. 3, color wall lamp: color wall lamp mainly in the festival, big events, or festival, used in the manufacture of special lighting scene effect. 4, wall lamp, wall lamp adornment effect is greater than the lighting effect, so the wall lamp is more used to decorate the balcony, stairs, corridor, the bedroom and outdoor walls. Above is the guangzhou lighting for your summary, about the Chinese style of wall lamp material is introduced and what types of wall lamp is the Chinese style. Through the above content can be found that Chinese wall lamp according to different material and function is divided into many types, consumers can according to different household style and usage of choice.
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