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China's LED industry has to influence international standards

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
LED rapid development can be used to describe in our country, passed a few years ago the overheating ( Mania) , should go into the rational development stage now. According to according to association, the national involved LED production enterprises ( , including, on the downstream) A total of more than 10000, foreigners have shocked to hear the. But I think, the development so far, our enterprises should bear in mind that prevent 'homogeneity competition, the so-called' homogeneity is not the core technology, or manufacturing process, technology, marketing and other aspects of innovation, copying each other, eventually leading to product technology and quality level about, finally can only spell price, cause you I lower prices are low, resulting in poor quality. Such as hammering in the form of a wooden bridge, must lead to many enterprises of road more walk more narrow, until the collapse. So innovation is the soul of an enterprise, staying ahead in certain aspects, can make the enterprise out of trouble, and even stand out. Current LED the development and application of demand to a large extent affected the international standard, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, IEC60598, IEC61347 clearance requirements are sharply reduced the creepage distance, additional insulation from the 2) reduced to 2 u u + 1750 + 1000. Improved insulation from 4 u + 2750 reduced to 4 u + 2000, is in order to ensure safety under the premise of appropriate to relax the above requirements, make the insulation layer, away from the edge distance can shrink appropriately, is conducive to heat dissipation, light efficiency increase and light to maintain the rate of ascension. Second, the LED cabinet, wiring, IP conference has made 2013 lamps and lanterns' internal wires without limit 'resolution, when the internal wire is not affected by mechanical force, current-carrying & le; A / 20 mm, continuous working temperature does not exceed 90 ℃ when meet the requirements. Third, in the lightning protection electric induction demands, lightning protection design as an independent device, and can only be used for the I type lamps and lanterns, also attach the instructions. The lightning surge voltage from the European Union standard best 3 KV, 1 KV up to us standards to adapt to the bad weather. Fourth, in addition to the pursuit of high photosynthetic efficiency, to improve the quality of the light and more humanization and automation in the more important position. Embodied in: GB50034 standard indoor ( High-grade lighting occasions, office, reading room, classroom, etc. , color rendering index should & ge; 80 and R9 & ge; 0; According to the illumination light color ( Including blue component) Impact on people's hour visual, Mainly affect the secretion of melatonin) , more emphasis on nature, simulating natural day lighting to adjust the color temperature change of the color temperature, so that move light, color of all sorts of lamps and lanterns. Fifth, on indoor lighting and biological security, pay more attention to the guarantee under the premise of high efficient output flux, with similar technology such as diffuser, reduce lighting fixtures on the surface of the light outlet surface brightness, this not only makes the light of the LED lighting products biological hazard rating drops, basic can achieve no harm level, also can greatly reduce the glare. New GB/T29294 - 2012 LED downlight performance standards also more emphasis on the requirement of the diffuser plate, with the Angle of mirror reflection and protection and so on many technical terms related to the limit glare. Sixth, the Shanghai committee of diplomatic relations between the make of the LED street lamp technical conditions and try to hang in the road a long LED street lamp, should speak in terms of road lighting is in the leading position in the country. In addition to use such as brightness, Rather than the intensity of illumination) Than design, the environment and glare control requirements of fully meet CJJ45 standards, and choose the appropriate color. Seventh, a number of communication and control technology applied in the LED lighting. For LED lighting, regulation can be used to expand its function and can reflect the humanized lighting, also can reduce the workload of malfunction, can maximize energy saving more. At present based on ZigBee and/or WiFi standard wireless communication technology and the power line carrier communication technology in terms of local lighting intelligent control has been well used. DALI control protocol and based on the expansion of the DALI control protocol DALI in combination with control device with acoustic sensor, light sensor, mobile sensors, idle, and such as sensor has been widely used in LED lighting control. The development of LED lighting has been proved that the momentum at the beginning, can fool enterprise although very popular, but I don't study at home and abroad advanced technology and market, conformity, no background, basic is a flash in the pan or are struggling in the end. The big situation of China's reform and the central 'refund DPP countries' industrial policy, requires that we constantly research new technologies, to recognize the new situation, the layout in advance, with the help of our country and international policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, for those routes, we will be able to constantly development. Here refer to the various ge is bright 'commandment zishu emphasize' in a few words: 'trip to the gentleman, static with cultivate one's morality, frugal to virtue, not indifferent without reason, not quiet beyond reach,' ', learn to be static, also will be to learn, also not learn without wide, the tzu chi beyond into learning '. In the present society floating noise under the condition of wind is popular, I think too need to advocate the spirit of the 'commandment zishu emphasize the. Set up the heart of indifferent to fame and wealth, meditation, learning to learn the breadth and depth of knowledge, only set up the firm will, to learn with success, even obvious results.
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