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chiminea - buy it for the versatility of enjoying both fireplace and grill!

by:Longjian     2020-03-29
I recently visited some friends who provided me with a dinner of grilled salmon and baked potatoes and did a perfect job in their chiminea.
The sun has fallen and is cooling down, but overall it is a wonderful summer night.
We wanted to talk and ended up dining outdoors.
The added benefit: chiminea provides us with warmth and smoke to keep some mosquitoes away (
Some people still got US).
I must say it was one of the most delicious salmon slices I \'ve ever had and it was a great night.
Chimineas dates back to Mexico in the 17th century, where they are used as ovens to bake bread and are the source of cooking and heating.
Chiminea is usually placed near the window or in the center of the cabin to allow smoke to escape.
They are made of clay because it is the most accessible material in the area.
Today, cast iron, copper and cast iron are the preferred materials for most chimineas, although you can still buy materials made of clay.
What should be considered when choosing a chimchimas, which is actually just for outdoor use.
This is not a good option if you need an indoor Longjian fireplace.
So where do you start?
Chimineas are tall and narrow and it really makes sense if you don\'t have a large space but want a fire area.
Don\'t be too small in the fire area, though, or you\'ll cut the wood into something that bites people --
Fit of size suitable for opening.
You can get heavier and heavier without the need for portability.
You may also want to choose a model that can add or remove grate to cook.
Some of the more popular terraces and deck terraces are made of cast iron.
Choose from round, leaf and designer cast iron chimera designed for use throughout the year.
These cast iron fireplaces are rugged in design and have long lasting thermal insulation.
Deck, patio and outdoor Chimera are easy to store and should be covered with Chimera for protection during the off season.
Copper and cast aluminum are also popular options, which are the heaviest, most gorgeous and require minimal maintenance.
Another consideration is the type of wood you burn.
Pinon wood or other hard wood is the best option.
Pinon has an added advantage in helping to repel mosquitoes.
Mesquite is also another option.
Definitely stay away from stress treated wood or any chemically treated wood, especially if you plan to cook on fire.
Once you are ready to use your chiminea, start with a small fire and build from there.
Even if you don\'t live in an area where fires are easier in the country, it\'s always a good idea to have some water or fire extinguishers nearby, especially if you\'re in a small backyard.
The outdoor chiminea Longjian fireplace is a great addition to the pool area, garden, deck, or terrace where you will stay warm outside and enjoy the great fun of the fire, and cook outdoors with friends or family.
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