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Cement floor with contemporary and contracted lamp collocation of the really cool [ Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
Cement floor with contemporary and contracted lamp collocation of the really cool [ Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] More than a decade ago when people decorate do concrete, because cheap; Later, people's living conditions good, nature will pursue higher quality wooden floor, ceramic tile, and so on. In this day and age, concrete has a tendency to come back again. Investigate its reason, probably is a way of make public individual character. A lot of people feel with too soil cement floor, I think if collocation is proper, actually also very cool, northern wind, LOFT, industrial wind wind of what, with concrete really is. + Great Wall cement floor, two kinds of color piece of joining together create a natural and plain environment, hang a picture with black and white image, lush plants, the chair of of primitive simplicity, one in the same space fusion, color is not prominent pictures can let a person after watched for a moment's peace. Dark grey from her eyes, stretched out on the ground without cracks and border, is a complete whole, compared to the floor and ceramic tile, this kind of one sex is probably the only cement can do it. Cement floor brick wall and it is a match made in heaven, rough of plain, showing a strong LOFT wind. The spacious room, deserve to go up a wooden desk and chair of a few wooden chairs, and come in a special dinner! Not only is the ground can use cement, even the tables and chairs and beams can be cement. When the cement elements full of sense of ancient and contemporary and contracted droplight mix together, presented a new expression, living in the old and new intersection and how a feeling? A lot of people don't have enough cement grade, I think probably still a tie-in problem, sometimes with concrete to build northern wind or the wind industry, but do not have a straightforward. Especially when the cement and metal element collision together of the time, if really sparks. Leads to the second floor of the stairs, across the ceiling beams, receive a frame on the wall, all of these in the cement ground against more cold luster. A country flavor full attic bedroom, simple but elegant simplicity of the cement ground, collocation of pure wood and frame, double bed, small hook can also see green plant scenery outside the window, weaving a dream full of breath of the summer country. Toilet can make concrete? Answers is yes, if you want that kind of pure feeling, just pay attention to prepare waterproof measures. Source: and home network
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