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ceiling lights: determining the right size and height

by:Longjian     2020-03-22
It\'s hard enough to choose the type and style of lighting for your decor, but making sure that the size of your lighting device is right for your room is an important factor in bringing it all together.
While there are some rules for determining the dimensions, they are not rigid, strict rules, as other factors are also applicable to choosing the right size and height to hang the ceiling fixture.
A popular rule for designers and decorators to hang fixtures on a table is to start by measuring the diameter or width of the table.
Then select the fixture that measures half the total diameter or width of the desktop.
For example, if you have a table with a diameter of 64, you will look for a fixture with a diameter of 32.
However, when choosing a ceiling fixture, the first thing to consider is the visual weight of the selected fixture.
For example, the crystal chandelier is visually heavy, so the diameter or width becomes smaller, although the ceiling lamp with finely wrought iron branches can more easily fill the larger diameter with a lighter feel.
The size of the fixtures that will be hung on the table depends on the table, not the size of the room.
This is also true when it comes to the hanging height on the table.
The light hanging on the table should be centered in the middle of the table (
Unless two fixtures are hung on a very long table)
The bottom of the fixture should be hung at least 30 \"above the table \".
When you hang the ceiling light, there is no table to help you determine the correct size and you have to consider the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.
The guideline for hanging height is to allow a ceiling height of 2 1/2 to 3 \"per foot \".
If your ceiling is 12 feet12 ft x 2. 5\")
Your lights will hang about 30 \"from the ceiling \".
For cleaning purposes, the lights should not be hung below 7 feet from the floor.
To determine the correct width of the fixture, determine the room size.
Add the width of the room to the length of the room.
For example, if your entrance is 8 feet wide and 14 feet long, this is equal to 22 feet.
Convert this number to inches, viola, which is the approximate width of the lamps needed for this room; 22 inches.
So since you know how to make sure that the width and hanging height of the Longjian ceiling lightis proportional to your room, there is one more thing to consider in terms of ceiling height.
Understandably, if your ceiling is high, although you can make sure that your width and hanging height are correct, it will look silly if the light is too short. So, what to do. . .
Although common sense may be a simple answer, a formula or rule is often followed in the design world.
For each foot high of the room, the height of the actual fixture should be about 1/2 \".
If your room has a ceiling of 8 feet, the fixed height should be at least 20 \".
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