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Cb service board a mess could accelerate industry reshuffle

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
As consumer demand for the quality of life more and more high, appeared in the 1950 s Europe hanging furnace heating and the concept of family life water began to Renaissance and popular in the country. But Beijing commercial daily reporter found in the survey, currently on the market at home and abroad in cb brand up to more than 400, the market for such high-speed growth also let in cb service short board began to emerge, overall market reshuffle is inevitable. Cb personalized push hot market, according to senior media investigations in cb market sales situation is as follows: in recent years, domestic total sales of 980000 units in 2011; To the Chinese market in 2012 gas hot water heating furnace sales of about 120. 240000; Cb 2013 domestic sales of about 1. 5 million units. Experts said that compared with the warm core, electric heater, air conditioning heating floor, wall hanging furnace heating, hot water family life can be close 2 for one, two big demand and comfortable safety, energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, the market has great potential for development in the south of China. Beijing commercial daily reporter survey found that cb market in China, foreign brands and domestic brands up to more than 400, the competitive situation what a day for a day. But although domestic wall hanging furnace technology has made great progress, but * * is still a foreign brand in the market. Like comes from Germany brand of heating power, began in 1995 in the Chinese market with the European synchronization heating products series, business development in China, covering marketing, service, purchasing, production and research and development and other fields, cb products applied in well-known high-end real estate projects, has installed more than 450000 units. According to Beijing business newspaper reporter understanding, from the perspective of the development prospects of industry, the huge market demand in our country and the people for the love of energy conservation and environmental protection for individual heating, wall hanging furnace industry is an emerging industry with a $one hundred billion valuation. As the larger manufacturers intervention will promote industry costs down, hanging furnace bright prospect of market.
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