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Canister light which brand good _ zhongshan canister light _ zhongshan lighting

by:Longjian     2020-10-02
Sitting room canister light put, how to layout the geomancy taboo remember! Some people when decorating new home, can choose in the sitting room decorate some lamps and lanterns, modelling is chic some people will choose the tube light, very beautiful, if be put in the sitting room a canister light, is there are many places for us to pay attention to, the following lamp act the role ofing to introduce for you, how about tube light sitting room layout and its geomantic exquisite. One, sitting room tube light color in the installation of the sitting room feng shui canister light, also pay attention to the canister light color choices, canister light color also has many taboos in feng shui. Generally speaking, the lamplight of the sitting room wants enough, if the light is too dim, will influence the family business, so sometimes, can be installed through the tube light, to illuminate the dark corners. On the choice of tube light color, can choose a soft yellow light, yellow is the color of fortune, in the sitting room installation tube light, yellow light can bring money for my family. At the same time, it is important to note, avoid by all means avoid tube light, red light will often give a person the feeling of dizziness, does not favor the household life. Second, the sitting room canister light spacing distribution of feng shui living room tube light? Exactly how many the most suitable spacing between tube light? Under normal circumstances the sitting room canister light spacing in 1 as far as possible. 2 - 1. 5 meters. If it is a small family suggest canister light spacing control about 90 cm is enough, the layout won't appear multifarious. In general, suggested that try not to get too close to the feng shui. Third, canister light sitting room feng shui plutus in YangZhai geomantic learn to lucky, and the use of the light is very important. Sitting room bright on behalf of the people is very popular, so the lamplight of the sitting room as far as possible not to use fluorescent lamp or with white light, you can use the yellow light, halogen lamp. Halogen lamp can not only bring people warm and harmonious feeling, also can bring very popular sentiment and type. Also, if the sitting room a few corners is not moving, it shows that there is the money in the home, should use decorates meticulously, advice must install a lamp to illuminate the money. Properly use light to improve the magnetic field in the home, in addition to make space sense amplifier, also can prevent the SIMS destruction of wealth. Four, canister light sitting room feng shui living room number to Yang, Yin and lamps and lanterns, the tube lamp lighting, equal to the coordination of Yin and Yang, create a better field atmosphere for the whole family. However, canister light effect is given priority to with auxiliary lighting and decoration, put the canister light of too much, not suitable for design with comfortable give priority to. The installation of the canister light quantity, is to have cultured in fengshui, singular as well as far as possible, but don't buy into a set of three tube lamp modelling, this is the pattern of three incense in feng shui, is likely to bring bad luck for my family. Now many people like to use tube to install the lamp, such both neither can select bright, also won't is so dazzling, sometimes can be achieved very good result, most of the people are very like to buy lamp act the role ofing, some people will like feng shui cultured, in fact, it is not as follow one's inclinations can according to his be fond of.
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