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Can talk about the fireplace burning coal

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Recently there are a lot of customers will be asked, can carbon burning, burning coal! But can, carbon burning, burning coal need to use a specific type of fireplace, but. . . - Under normal circumstances or burn wood, whether in the effect of heat and flame, or cost, wood advantage is obvious. Burning wood fireplace is best hardwood or a hard wood, because this type of wood density, not easy to burn. In order to achieve a good burning effect, please use the relative humidity is 18% - its surface 20% of all. When wood just cut down the humidity for more than 65%, after a summer of weathered, at this time of wood smoke less, flame stereo sense is stronger, move move is very. Note: do not burn the excessive moisture, it produce a lot of smoke, and affects the effect of combustion. General carbon dioxide from the burning wood is, won't cause harm, and now the fireplace is totally enclosed burning, smoke and other burning gas is directly through a pipe by natural wind pull out of the outdoor, burning fireplace, due to the furnace need the air to enter the fireplace, is have the effect of fuel, oxygen in the air when burned, so will not emit harmful substances, because the average winter temperature is lower, doors and Windows open less, because of the negative pressure in the process of burning combustion, increases the indoor air flow, improve the indoor air quality. Wood burning after the release of carbon dioxide, are necessary to plants photosynthesis, the cycle of the whole atmosphere is very good, so will not affect the surrounding environment. General advice fireplace don't burning of coal, coal contains many substances that ph value is very high, combustion will release after like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, such as atmospheric pollution matter, and the use of coal combustion, in the process of combustion flame is not appreciated, also lost the fireplace is the spectator! The key point is the state environmental protection department of the coal has restricted the use of coal combustion. Protecting environment starts from me, from the start bit by bit.
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