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By the nature to absorb dome light

by:Longjian     2020-08-28
Absorb dome light is one of the lamps and lanterns, as the name suggests is due to a level above the lamps and lanterns, the bottom of the installation on the roof so as to absorb dome light. Light has ordinary white light bulbs, fluorescent lamp, gas discharge lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, etc. The current market popular dome light is to absorb dome light, such as family, office, entertainment place, often choose the lamps and lanterns of various places. Absorb dome light of traditional lighting function is not enough to satisfy the consumer, the sitting room to absorb dome light combined with everyday items are also increasingly popular. Modelling of luxury. As life richer, increased consumers' aesthetic demand, absorbing dome light is luxurious, high-grade living room. Advocating the nature. To cater for the urban consumers psychological piao guizhen, advocate natural, a lot of dome light USES natural shape. In addition, the chimney of the material is also widely use the natural material such as paper, wood, yarn quality. Different applicable places have different lighting lamps and lanterns, such as using the ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, dome light is mainly used for home, classroom and office space such as the height is about 4 m places lighting; Power and light source of large size high strength gas discharge lamp is mainly used for sports venues, supermarket and workshop etc in 4 to 9 meters high place such as lighting. To get enough height for both working face, and also can save electricity, fluorescent absorb dome light is usually a home, school, shops and office lighting. Absorbing dome light is adsorption or embedded in the modern art lamp roof ceiling lamp act the role ofing, it like chandeliers, also is the main body of indoor lighting equipment, is the family, office, entertainment place, often choose the lamps and lanterns of various places. Absorb dome light, 200 mm in diameter in general around the dome light is suitable for use in the hallway, bathroom, and 400 mm diameter is installed at the top of not less than 16 square meters room is advisable. Dome light common on the market has two kinds of D shape tube and circular tube and tube size difference. Three look when you choose to absorb dome light. A look at the product identification is complete, formal tend to be more standardized, the label of the product should be identified: trademark and name, product model specifications, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power. 2 if the power cord of lamps and lanterns has CCC safety certification marks, external wire cross-sectional area should be 0 or higher. 75 square millimeters. Three see if charged body of lamps and lanterns, light source into the lamp holder, finger should not touch the charged metal lamp holder. The service life of the choice of materials is directly related to absorb dome light, this is should focus attention and solve the problems in the design of dome light, in addition, the simple sense of material also nots allow to ignore, the associated directly with consumers' vision and touch. Make the material of lamps and lanterns, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc. , including metal have longer service life, corrosion resistance, not aging, but easy to out of date due to use time is too long. Relatively speaking, the use of plastic lamps and lanterns time is short, the aging speed is faster, heat is easy to deformation. Glass, ceramic is acted the role of service life is long, the material itself is more fashionable. Appear on the market at present the green material also has attracted many attentions of the designers at home and abroad, such as paper material and so on. Green material is the basis of green product design, research and vigorously to develop green materials contribute to the development of green products and promotion.
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