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Buy need to know about the fireplace knowledge of cold front of the fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Fireplace is a vent fireplace, it USES biomass ethanol as a fuel source. You can be in indoor and outdoor use a variety of types of the apparatus. Because they don't need a chimney, gas pipes, so the convenient device can move to anywhere you want. Used in indoor or outdoor fireplace like a lighted match easily. Fireplace utensils are usually quite safe, but in accordance with the instructions to use the fireplace and storage of the fuel is also very important. Fuel based knowledge often can burn about two and a half hours to three hours. Now the cost of also only to only a few dozen yuan. Some fuel mixture containing organic material, they hissed when burnt or noisily, to mimic the sound of burning wood. Don't smoke or produce ash when fuels burn. Indoor independent type most used for indoor biomass ethanol fireplace is self-contained, which means that they need to be placed on the floor of the enough solid and no collapse can, need not installed inside a wall, so less to reserve the hole of the trouble. This enables you to according to their own life habits in the same demand, to move them from one room to another room. A self-contained fireplace is able to provide your family or a small space of convenience. Many interior has the appearance of the traditional fireplace, fireplace mantel, pillar and modelling, fireplace screen and ceramic logs. Some modern style glass panels or flame burning in the decorative rock higher and more comprehensive customization options. Outdoor fireplace for outdoor fireplace with a variety of styles, including the fire pit, modern fireplace, fireplace and tradition. Some models small size, easy to carry, so it can be inside or outside. Wall in addition to independent type fireplace, fireplace and wall is designed for indoor or outdoor gear. These are ideal for small rooms and outdoor areas, because you don't have to go to take up any space on the ground. They also allow you to install the fireplace installed in usually can't be normal. Heat output fuel can provide about 3000 Btus (usually Btu) In the heat. But it's only theoretical value, in fact, in a burning work, will produce about 9000 Btus. The firewood in conventional fireplace, by contrast, can produce 20000 to 40000 Btus, while about 8500 to 60000 Btus fireplace. Despite the heat generated by the fireplace on earth less than this, but since there is no chimney, so the loss of heat is small, there is no air in the indoor heating has been good air draining out side by side from the chimney. Burning fireplace in the small space in one hour enough temperature about 10 degrees. But the total heat gains is lower than instruments. Safety tips biomass ethanol fuel burn in indoor and outdoor are safe, but use the fireplace to remember some important: do not in the case of unattended burning biomass ethanol fuel. Place the detached fireplace, similar to the solid floor or outdoor flat on the ground, in order to prevent its tilting. Take special care when using fuel in the outdoor; When strong wind or rain or snow, do not use. Every time filling, it will only fuel container in the fireplace in the body position.
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