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Burning charcoal you dare touch? The electric fireplace is part of coals temperature or not?

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Takeaway: fireplace is a niche product, but it is a member of the family and, on the day we talked about by category division of electric fireplace, 3 d atomization fireplace, fireplace, fireplace, wood fireplace, such as several major categories. But many of the owners and designers to understand it is not so clear, in order to make the fireplace design and package style unifies, this article will explain the fireplace knowledge further. In this paper, we solve the problem for you: 1, electric fireplace principle and its advantages and disadvantages of 2, 3, how to judge the stand or fall of electric fireplace electric fireplace scope of 01. Electric fireplace is introduced electric fireplace is also called copy fireplace, its principle refers to the European classical fireplace production technology and modern sound, light, make traditional fireplace is greatly improved in the design, in do not break elegance has produced green environmental protection and more main strong real wood burning effect. Popular speak is to rely on light reflection to produce two-dimensional plane flame, with imitation of carbon, but it is not true to life. 02. Electric fireplace advantage 2. 1 don't pick on occasion installation simple electric fireplace, unlike the fireplace flue is a must. Embedded electric fireplace in the chosen location has wooden mantelpiece directly if it is against the wall, marble mantelpiece requires clear of fixed to the wall. Fireplace core installation is simple, generally in good design good position reserved three of 10 a socket and power cord usually how long a metre, but should pay attention to is the thickness of the mantel leave ahead of schedule, some stay too thin logs can't let go in, generally more than embedded fireplace core thickness reserved to 3 cm. Domestic tradition design electric fireplace in the core of around 200 mm thickness in the majority, but from another point of thickness is big, depth of the chamber of a stove or furnace enough, the effect of the flame and fidelity and meeting a lot better. 2. Two independent type electric fireplace convenient mobile cold days. Independent type electric fireplace heating is also warm and atmosphere. 2. 3 wall-mounted fireplace honor and power, warm, suitable for office space. Energy saving space savings. 03. The shortcoming of electric fireplace 1, will tell from the Angle of view is that there is no 2, flexibility in terms of heating calorific value is lower. 04. Electric fireplace heating heating heating of the heating wire is to blow hot air out. General electric fireplace is determined by the power of heating effect. There are two major types of European standard and the standard. Heating power is 900 w / 1800 w/o target two gears, American standard is 750 w / 1500 w two notches. Heating range at about 20 square meters. Of course, more than 1500 w, 1800 w of heating effect is better. Ornamental decades to 120 watts, light source the light bulb, has LED, are energy saving. 05. Electric fireplace selection standard 1, 2, fine workmanship, components durable flame fidelity electric fireplace flame burn more and the actual state of wood more close to more realistic as possible, not as red as possible. To see the real wood burning charcoal will find offensive and not particularly red, should be some parts are black, have a plenty of partial white, by inside and outside send out of, this is the wood without burning, burning and after burning state. 06. Suitable for villa, club, KTV, between example, sitting room, restaurant, coffee shop, lobby, summary porch, partition, etc. This section mainly introduces the principle, advantages and disadvantages and applicable scope of electric fireplace, in order to facilitate your memory and review, here we have a small card for you, welcome to share it with friends around you are interested in the fireplace, and see what they said. This small card click save image of knowledge, welcome to forward to share more content, has been in the 'design - Library 'in the online, friends can be further study, please hurry ~ if you are interested in the fireplace in the design and application; Or looking for a brand of fireplace; Welcome to contact me to discuss relevant knowledge about the fireplace: personal qr code write - 结束- - -
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