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Biological pellet fireplace to hold? Please understand that a few things

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
A friend told me, want to a fireplace in the house, biological particles, don't know how, ok? Before answering this question, I first make an introduction of biological pellet fireplace, there are a few things to be clear. What is a biological pellet fireplace? Biological pellet fireplace is a new kind of energy conservation and environmental protection heating equipment, USES the biomass pellet fuel, economic efficiency, healthy environmental protection, suitable for indoor small and medium private and public place and aquaculture environment. Secondly, the biological pellet fireplace burned? Already mentioned above, the pellet fireplace is combustion of biomass particles, it is a composed of straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, the cotton seed shellis camellia shell, and other things and the three remaining processed to produce massive new energy environmental protection, easy to store, easy to transport, easy to use, clean environmental protection, high combustion efficiency, easy to burnout characteristics. Three is biological pellet fireplace heating effect? Biomass pellet fuel calorific value is big, calorific value in 3900-4800 kcal/kg, after charring the calorific value is as high as 7000 - 8000 kcal/kg. Biological particles belong to the fireplace, fireplace heating power is far greater than all kinds of air conditioning, heating, in - Under the temperature of 10 ℃, 40 - 100 - square - meter house, fireplaces ignite 10 minutes, can make indoor temperature rise to more than 20 ℃. Four is biological pellet fireplace use high cost is not high? Biological pellet fireplace use cost low, according to a day time to calculate, the room of 80 square meters constant temperature heating, cost less than $10, compared with air conditioning, heating facilities, such as coal, more economical and practical. Five is biological pellet fireplace not safe? Health is not healthy? Biological pellet fireplace is heating, healthier, more comfortable, not like air conditioning to dry skin, physical discomfort. At the same time, the pellet fireplace runtime cold on outside, can reduce the risk of accidental injuries. Almost no in the fuel combustion, flue creosote accumulation, to a certain extent, reduce the fire hazard. After understanding the above points, we will find that the environmental protection, economical and safe biological pellet fireplace heating effect is good, if such a fireplace in the house also is very good. Above is install biological pellet fireplace need to clear a few things, the hope can help a friend in need. More information welcome consulting fireplace!
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