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Belongs to the future of lighting design |, LED modern lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
What belongs to the future of lighting design | LED modern lamp design belongs to the future of lighting design? Beautiful fashion modern lamp to see professor Xie Maotang such a paragraph, share with everybody: in foreign magazines, I see such a word, time in warned us, the future is to belong to the world of design culture, it coincides with my point of view. I think that the future of design is about the modern humanities with paper to express, our design language used to represent the advanced industrial technology; At the same time, the only enrich his own thought drink, coupled with skilled technique, to deliver more cultural idea, the good creativity and ideas into our social construction. Is very clear, so I know and is the primary factor in the study found, with design, we do our students know how communicate with higher levels of designer, this is the process of growth. Therefore we organized lighting design professional students participated in the 'ying hui & middot; Lighting weekly cup '2015, the 7th China lighting design competition ( Ravaged prize) The award ceremony of the national finals. This is an annual event on design, a year, 12 cities ravaged by prize into the division, including the division works lights, more and more designers attach importance to lighting design. As an event, one of the best lighting designers at home and abroad are invited to attend the final awards, bearing the weight of the culture of Chinese light 'inheritance, integration, innovation spirit, and hope that we can make the inheritance of Chinese light culture platform. The organizers also specially held three peak BBS - - 'my luminous color China hotel & middot; Lighting design BBS, 'my luminous color' Chinese business & middot; Lighting design BBS, 'my luminous color display Chinese & middot; Lighting design BBS. The students had much communication in the competition, I believe that interior designer and lighting designer contact more closely in the future cooperation. Through this activity, children should recognize the lighting design in the future cooperation in the field of extensive, and occupy more important position. At the same time, more and more designers an inter-bank do lighting shows the recognition and pursuit of lighting design, and more close relationship between lighting design and interior design. Lighting design is derived in interior design. But as a lighting designer, this is a totally new and special world, in the lighting, the designer is to give more night wizard of the soul. So I pursue the pace in the lighting industry for decades, deeply impressed by its charm. When times also met in update, need to speed up our steps. Because no one is waiting for you, time will only be a relentless erosion in your daily routine. Only cherish now, there is a possibility of you infinite. A lot of time, we lack of trust in themselves. When you have self-confident capital, you can be more steady progress. The understanding, to youth the best of you! Gratitude, thank you.
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