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Before install the fireplace, you have to know a few things

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Fireplace is heating by burning wood fireplace, before installing the fireplace, there are a few things must be clear, such as the early stage of the installation, cleaning, etc. , late specific as follows: 1, the installation must be installed by professional personnel to the fireplace is a very professional job, must by the professional operation. Because the fireplace installed involves a series of fire control knowledge and must use a safety certification of special chimney components, so the professional, security requirement is very high, without professional installation of the fireplace, the insurance company for housing is not insurance. 2, the installation conditions must be met fireplace for room installation, chimney smoke tube and so on all has certain regulation, specific as follows: the installation room: generally applies only to the villa, single-family since the building, the top building. With a chimney: for since have chimney, single-family villa building, include 3 - pipe only 4 meters, then put the pipe to the chimney. Without a chimney: no chimney house fireplace installed, you can use pipe to emissions, request the specification as follows: the height of 4 meters or less smoke tube 15 meters or less, that is the height of the pipe at least not less than 4 meters, not more than 15 meters, and the top should be more than 1 m roof. Reserve base and out wall hole: fireplace in wet comes into play to install, pipe need to walk outside wall, can borrow the exterior steel frame installation is the best. When installation need to build by laying bricks or stones good platform and reserve a good smoke tube wall hole ( General for the 160 mm diameter round hole) 。 Fire decorative materials: around the fireplace mantel or fireplace culture wall please note decorated with fireproof material, such as marble, culture stone, brick, cement in high temperature in the hearth furnace and a decoration around the pipe. If is pipe condole top please do condole with light steel processing. If surrounded by wood square is decorated, should be separated by more than 300 mm, and adopting the asbestos. 3, chimney sweep must by professionals to according to the frequency and intensity of fireplace use, fireplace and chimney must sweep 1 ~ 2 times a year, among them, the interior, surface, and glass door can clean their fireplace, but must by professionals to chimney. For cleaning the chimney need to climb up the roof into the top of the flue, must be perfect security, professional operation. 4, you must use the standard wood burning fireplace wood must be fully dry, water content below 20%, not enough dry wood burning not only can't release enough heat, also can produce a large amount of smoke, polluting the environment and waste materials, uneconomic. The greater the density of wood more resistant to burn, if wood, miscellaneous wood, etc. It is important to note that some wood burning fireplace is not. More wood for the tree oil combustion would produce wooden pomegranate oil, attached to the chimney wall, difficult to clean up, accumulate over a long period will increase the risk of fire, such as tea tree and cypress trees, peach trees, etc. In addition, the chemically treated wood combustion would release toxic gases, such as ties, plywood or other contain rubber sheet. In addition, it is strictly prohibited in the stove burning garbage and plastic products, air pollution and easy to damage the furnace and the chimney. Above is the need to know a few things before installing the fireplace, plan to put the fireplace friends must figure it out. More knowledge of the fireplace, welcome consulting fireplace!
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