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Bai juyi fantasy with fireplace

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
A glass of wine, a book, it is a snow night, a poem, can be a winter and spring, keep in front of the fireplace he said to himself, came to datang also nearly 30 years, compared with the dry and cold air conditioning wind in the 21st century, may own more used to beat the flame burning fireplace. Eve, more and more static static to the sound of wood burning in the fireplace, he seems to want to get up, but the struggle, gave up, may not be willing to lay down the side of a warm, also perhaps is the elderly after the inconvenience. Yes, his decades of ups and downs, and the tired; With king of poetry, poetry the title so long, and the tired. A five hundred lotte, li bai conquered the glorious age of tang poetry, and bai juyi, has conquered the whole world, but no one knows, the real lotte was his mother died in a 37-year-old force on the day of their marriage, and then, but is the soul of a go. The increasingly deep night, there are two more days, fireplace is sending out the light of some dazzling, excuse me sleepy; The room warm hot languid is lazy and comfortable, groggy. Contradiction? The contradiction, bai juyi, out of respect for the great, we still call him bai juyi, he just kept staring at the front of the light, seems to want after reading this should not belong to his life from the inside. Also calculate value in my life, let Gu Kuang 16, was convinced more than 30 was holy recognition, hobnobbing, grace, and friends to yuan, since the turn of the emperor's reputation is more, although there have been falling, but is only a short, money, house, wife, seat, the others have. More and more fire, what I got in trouble? Afraid of not be known bai juyi bai juyi? Ridiculous! Afraid of relatives to miss their own through before? Ridiculous! No, no, etc. , on tonight, himself, is what? Want you, maybe this is just a dream, but dream oneself how can feel the temperature of the fire? I now staring at the fireplace, want to see through all this is but it is the bureau of cloth. But did something ridiculous, how can a implements about what, with what about anything, it's not a burnt all follow me to the modern civilization with the result of the fire of heaven, human society is just a ball of fire, a bunch of my description is also the most good at most often describe the scene. Fire, more and more hot the crow in the yard, and many older people, 16 around 50 years, bai juyi prefer holding most hand warmer of the tang and song dynasty were burning on a pit of fire of the house, looking from the perspective of the author's third, some lonely lonely, yes, because this kind of hard to describe that for over 30 years, and finally crazy soul into Chinese poetry, it seems to me more like a contradiction of the fortune and misfortune and into, unfortunately is behind in its rich art colour, it is also extremely dramatic life; Lucky is, in the material has not been wrapped tightly with the desire of the world, every step, every do, don't have to in order to benefit to weigh that, to enjoy the process of the most important and exploring in fun, if there is an opportunity, I also want to back to datang on time, like white lotte, dare to laugh dare nu, dare to, also dare to honor. I don't know how long, also may not be long, he was the 'wake up' missed out of the fire, well thought is double tenth years made the first 'LiLi grass' on the original, what a familiar scene, the same unwilling, the same strong unyielding, the same resume. Bai juyi see not perhaps fireplace in the beam of the legendary Mars, but read the bumpy life with the helpless. He suddenly from the bottom of my heart give birth to a worrying is more worry than doubt, is the butterfly or a butterfly dream became ZhuangGong ZhuangGong dreams. Or the night is long sleepless, might as well get up to the finish, not contaminated with modern science and technology in 700 AD in the twelfth month, face all winter word praise to admire and exceptionally cold eerily quiet, also seems to be god in brewing a environment, in producing a kind of atmosphere, and that out of the combination is poetry, also can be poetry. Bai juyi tightly on the quilt, dropped a few pieces of wood in the fireplace random, tried to hold the holding furnace, just a moment, he like think, panic of finding out the pen and paper, grinding, transcribing, entity. I said he is copy, because it only a few hundred words above are reflected in his heart, thank you for that night, thanks to the chaos into the soul, also thanks to this a fantasy about the fireplace, let us in the best and the worst of times, still can enjoy the pure text and discourse, still can go to laugh to cry to strive for to licentious. Have a lunar day yesterday, the north wind three feet of snow. Old cold, night changan butcher. Lai has a green blanket account, set up before the wind. After the red fire, snow in the warm up. Such as fish into the deep water, deep as the rabbit hid den. Sue wan soft sting scales, temperature stew frozen muscle to live. Abrupt shifts in Fang An melancholy evening, Yang and section. But when moving, is kindness. Cui curtain volume on a daily basis, and meteor with grey. From hate miharu, ritual in October. But for the body health, not for long. Sometimes a story, is not to need to fit the logic and intensive text description, on the contrary, just as this moment bai juyi in the space and time out of the window under the snow, seems to be in order to foil the north wind and fall, as for his pick up the pen and ink to write down this first sung to historic don't felt tent stove, maybe just look at the fishes and the fire of cold and cheerless. Should the wizards for the alternative? Person of outstanding ability, jun it?
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