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Back in the 80 s brick houses of contemporary and contracted new residential [ Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-11
Back in the 80 s brick houses of contemporary and contracted new residential [ Contemporary and contracted droplight] A service life for up to five generations of housing and residential life only two generations will have what different? 赖斯称& GORI 'brick' by reshaping history of innovation. Materials used in traditional housing and construction method has brought the very strong performance and long service life, LETH & amp; GORI inspired by traditional housing, created with the sustainability of the modern houses. 'Brick house' is a Mini - launched by Realdania charitable foundation CO2 part of residential project, the project goal is to develop low carbon sustainable economy applicable room. The project in Denmark, fort to build six homes, each homes using different methods of carbon dioxide emissions, such as through the material and construction method of reducing or direct guide residents to cut emissions. 'long life' house, brick house has two goals: 50 years of free maintenance; Life in 150. Minimalist, the project hope to build up the 'brick' alive and breathing. In order to achieve the purpose, the designer only have a kind of raw materials to build the wall Clay. By using clay built solid blocks and bricks and unified, especially concise facade. Exterior wall spread, so building energy as long life of the traditional solid brick wall is wanton breathing. Designers in addition to using a single material also reduce the seam between the material, thus avoiding the potential error caused by traditional housing seams too much. Solid brick laid the solid healthy long life residence, bring pleasant indoor micro climate and greatly reduces the need for maintenance. Revisit history 'brick' rediscovered the Danish traditional brick house contain knowledge and skills, especially refer to the beginning of the 20th century to carry forward the traditional construction as the goal of the national association of ( Bedre Byggeskik) After the founding of buildings. 'Bedre Byggeskik' literally means that building have good technology, process and material of housing. Tomy contemporary and contracted lamp act the role ofing is adhering to the environmental protection, save & # 39; ” The idea, to research and development, production of contemporary and contracted droplight, energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon life! Designers follow the same principle to build the modern residential - long life 'brick', in absorbing the essence of the traditional residential use of the contemporary new knowledge and new technology. 'Brick house' is the embodiment of the high quality building structure and construction technology. Source: gooood
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