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Attention LED to absorb dome light to choose ~ you know? | dome light of choose and buy

by:Longjian     2020-10-09
Attention LED to absorb dome light to choose ~ you know? | absorb dome light to choose 1, first look at absorbing dome light is consists of what material, and then look at his light source and driver. 2, if the material is iron, be about to have a look at it in the process, such as polishing, plating or painting, and so on, if it is aluminum, stainless steel, or to see the thickness of copper, weight and so on. 3, there are many kinds of LED light source chip, import, domestic, international brand, also have domestic kitchen, they are a far cry from what price, relatively speaking, the big brands than their less known and inferior brand is more stable, more secure. 4, driving brand also has a lot of kinds, configuration and parameters must be clear, so that life is longer. 5, the last is to see the appearance style, this varies between individuals. As long as everyone in choosing lamps and lanterns of time than the above points, can very good judgment are ideal for this lamp.
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