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Art the types and the artistic effect of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns with new technology and new materials

by:Longjian     2020-09-14
1. Flow and static light - still lights - Lamps and lanterns is fixed, the light static, not a flickering lights for static lights. The vast majority of indoor lighting using static lamplight, this kind of lighting, can make full use of the light, and create a stable, gentle and harmonious light environment atmosphere, schools, factories, office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition and other places. Flow of light - - Is the flowing way of lighting, it has the rich artistic expression, is commonly used in stage lighting and urban neon lights advertising design. Pursuit to use the follow spot such as stage, mobile actors, as well as used for advertising and lighting of flow constantly flashing of the neon lights, change color, not only highlight the artistic image, but also apply colours to a drawing atmosphere environment art. 2. Laser was launched by the laser beam. Produce laser medium with crystal, glass, gas ( Such as argon and krypton, helium neon mixture, etc. ) And dye solution. Some gas laser is used as a light source in lighting art, including he-ne laser is a common, it produces red light; Argon ion laser output blue-green light and green light, the two wavelengths of light can be separated through the diffraction grating, the formation of two different colors of monochromatic light beams. Different dye laser can be produced according to the wavelength range in 400 ~ 750 mm of any kind of laser. But dye laser in pulse way of working device, it must rely on its laser source or electronic flash driver. 3 art the types and the artistic effect of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns with the development of new technology and new materials, breed of design and color is various, modelling is rich, light, color, shape, mass is infinite change, provide lighting lamps and lanterns is not only for people's life conditions, and is important to make the finishing point in the design of indoor environment. According to the installation of lamps and lanterns can be divided into the following types. Suspended classes - - Known as droplight. There are general droplight, are used for general indoor space; Lanterns for luxurious lofty hall space; Palace lantern, commonly used in the hall of traditional classic style; Scalability droplight, using scalable snakeskin tube or scaling chain sling, can be in a certain range according to the need to adjust the height of the lamps and lanterns. Top class - absorption - Close to the ceiling lamps and lanterns. Type protruding absorb dome light, this kind of lamps and lanterns is larger, can use single lamp, also can use a combination of, the former is suitable for small space, which is suitable for larger space; Embedded type embed dome light, lamps and lanterns day shalt combination gives a person with the starry sky numerous according to feel. Wall lamp class - - Wall lamp with a wall and cantilever type two kinds, installed on the walls and pillars. Rich decorative wall lamp modelling requirements, suitable for all kinds of space. Floor lamp - - Also known as ground lamp, hotel rooms, reception room space such as local lighting lamps and lanterns, is one of the indoor display, have adornment space. Desk lamp - - - - - - - Is located in the stage desk, tea table, short ark of local lighting lamps and lanterns in the modern hotel, the desk lamp has become a distinctive means of decorative lighting. Special lamps and lanterns - - For all kinds of specialized lighting lamps and lanterns, such as is used in the stage of follow spot, back light, awning floodlight, rotating lamp, beam light, the meteor light, etc.
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