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Art lamp manufacturers industry is analysed existing problems and solutions

by:Longjian     2020-09-12
With the improvement of social economy, the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's life quality, not only for lighting lamps and lanterns, besides the function of illumination, also bring visual appearance. For example, the lamp of the traditional art and modern art lamp landscape lamp, compared to the improvement in appearance, also added inside the LED light source, more environmental protection, can also recycle, this is the benefits of scientific progress. After all these most is draw lessons from foreign experience in the industry and development, so art lamp industry in our country to develop more mature, still need a period of time. Because our country LED lamps and lanterns of the overall price will be higher, this is also the LED industry development in our country is not one of the important reasons, also has caused many products can find a way out in the domestic market, the excessive competition is also a problem. From the point of the current domestic market, many art lamp enterprises are lack of sales channels, or a period, prices lead to competition is intense, the situation is very obvious, this for future development is also will have certain negative effect, foreign major developed economies recession will LED lighting of export-oriented enterprises. Can be used for lamp lighting light source, there are many kinds of art, when choosing the light source should be went up from the effect, the performance and cost considerations. When comparing the cost of different solutions, not just compare the price of light source, more should be the whole life period of comprehensive economic analysis comparison, because some of the high efficiency, long life light source, though the price is higher, but the decrease in the number of use, operation and low maintenance cost economically and technically is reasonable. Art lamp factory we should choose the brand type products, as long as such on the product value is high, and it is also as long as this type of product will bring us more lucrative market prospect. Went up from some consumer taste said or in some consumer value up to understand, in fact from the manufacturer to stop understanding you will find that we can find a better quality and design a coward can also find the suitable price, need to use this type of product you have elected since everyone is willing to me, we go to a greater understanding.
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