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Art exhibition of lighting spectacular work large lantern charming color

by:Longjian     2020-09-11
Art exhibition of light light show dinosaur exhibition industry after several years of explosive growth, after an outbreak of 2018 ushered in the selection, the survival and development of 2018 main reason not to be eliminated quickly A, party A's demand is higher and higher, the cost control is more and more strict. The cost of the promotion now less and less. Large enterprises have set up their own inventory production, can't accept foreign no inventory. Have the rolls source company early in order to seize market price war to very low profits, and the results led to the serious profit space compression, with the production department props with resources comprehensive company is not big, the influence of f be goods in the middle class is hard to survive. B, all companies in the vicious competition of price war, the outbreak of phase of the compression, the profits to the small company funds is broken. Profit compression is less of a service, compression, and remittance slowly, slowly the lights of the exhibition industry and the wind motor show project mess. C, 2018 light exhibition visitors on modelling is becoming more and more can't feel novel modelling innovation in art lights show the effect is good. D, in the evening light show traffic problems by coax good development, windmill during the day traders, the people full of spring in the spring breeze light windmill under pure pure fairy tale. F outdoor play, promote the Chinese environmental themes, outdoor close nature embodies natural pure green. Create fashion art lighting section as a highlight of large-scale activities, gleaming 'dream light' section of the residents in urban wonderful 'eye candy'. Dozens of groups of large color chy-tech become city a beautiful scenery line in the summer. Dream light section will show a colorful dream lighting effects. Different style of light carving modelling set 'shape, color, life, light,' is an organic whole, lights the traditional craft and modern technology depth fusion, let visitors fully experience 'person in the lamp'. 'Recent' light of carve patterns or designs on woodwork boring '' beat note' and so on many colorful large headlamp unit, the garden city decorated into the romantic fashion lighting art world. In art lighting, spectacular large lights out charming color changes, attract people stop to watch.
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