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Analysis of the modern lamp pay attention to energy saving, economical and practical

by:Longjian     2020-08-27
A good modern Nordic light, but also need to be made from high quality high power output efficiency of reaction, good luminous efficacy of light source and effective cleansing radiator, the good combination of three parts, it is a good action, and if don't match in less than a better lighting efficiency, reaction heat and light appeared, will lose a lot of energy and power loss, it is well known that modern lamp radiation condition decides the life of lamps and lanterns. No matter how good force with the power and light source, heat dissipation is not good, the modern lamp even lighting lamps and lanterns initially how high light efficiency, quickly droop, cause can not be normal use. The appearance of the fashion collocation and contracted colour is characteristic of droplight, it is said that chimney is based on the rolling hills design inspiration, hence the name. It has modern lamps and lanterns of fashion and elegant, and to advocate natural. With high-tech, modern Nordic light while power is low, but the amount of light of incandescent lamp is much higher than the same power. Contemporary and contracted lighting with concise form to meet the people to the space environment that perceptual, instinct and rational demand, compact model, pure texture, delicate process for its unique personality. For example, is made of glass lamps and lanterns can be formed light and delicate atmosphere, the use of aluminum, chrome plated metal production of lamps and lanterns can show the strong contemporary feeling, and the natural material often give a person a kind of simple kindness. By adjusting the length of the lamp line, presents the space move feeling, create a unique space impression. 3 lamp that droplight in the same height, looks great. The modern lamp the same indoor lamps and lanterns should be of the style is unified on the shape, material and color. All at the same time, also note the indoor space of objects, Furniture, appliances, etc. ) Modelling, colour formation of total tone, wants to be coordinated with the style of lamps and lanterns. Concise modern interior design, for example, tie-in and same design style is suitable for modern lighting, only a unified style can create a good lighting and decoration effect. Now the modern style of lamp act the role ofing is very diverse, metallic, ceramic, glass, fabric, etc. , the texture to consider, from the whole style of lamps and lanterns to create a different atmosphere.
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