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Analysis of advantages of the modern lamp, how much do you know?

by:Longjian     2020-09-01
The modern lamp features miniaturization development along with the development of the compact light source, ballast lamp with electrical accessories such as ultra small, thin, with of all kinds of new technology, new process, modern lamps and lanterns is to small, practical and multifunctional direction. Nordic modern lights Nordic modern lights in a room, with a handheld remote control infrared lamps and lanterns (all networking No matter whether the lamps and lanterns in the room) State of the switch state and the dimming; Don't need to enter the room in turn on the light, you can use the remote control before entering into any room open the lights; According to different family size, the model of the remote control is also different, such as: four remote control is suitable for the second one hall, six of the remote control is suitable for the three rooms one hall, there are 8, 10, 12, 16 applies to double, villa use remote control. To assemble series modern lamps and lanterns is the selection of the pursuit of concise and lively, eliminated the past devotion to the shape of the surface beauty and excessive decoration style. Both emphasizes the individuality, and stress and the coordination of environmental background, also pay attention to the lamps and lanterns is the simple sense of material performance. The modern lamp in order to ensure that the lighting and visual comfort, lamps and lanterns are equipped with a variety of series of complete sets of accessories to choose, to users according to need to adjust. 'Modern lamp overall advantage is reflected in the appearance, is now and the trend of the future home outfit, because the modern lamp design is novel, is quite popular among consumers. At the same time, modern light consumer groups more wide, as long as there is a market there will be a modern light. 'Said the head of the one meter sunshine lighting, in addition to the application in the field of domestic outfit, modern lamp has been widely used in hotel project. Therefore, modern light overall development situation is good. Currently has design concept and monopoly operation power LED modern lamp household brand main target markets include: a mid-range market, second-tier cities; Three or four line city high-end market; Professional lighting market; The professional building materials comprehensive market; A street lamp and distribution. According to the semiconductor lighting industry association, according to data of zhongshan city lighting electric appliance industry in the first quarter of 2019, slowly in the ups and downs. On the international market, including the global economic slowdown, the British no agreement to take off the concerns, sino-us trade negotiation continues, the change in the exchange rate volatility, in the industry still influence is obvious; Diversified domestic sources, the new three board delisting tide continuance JiangFei polity, taxes and fees reform, there are 5 g business open, Nordic modern lamp trend of qualitative change; Scale enterprise strategy, including expansion, mergers and acquisitions, release; Let the industry to the future of the industry have confused at the same time also have more expectations.
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