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All the advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
The fireplace forms: traditional fireplace ( Burning carbon) — — The fireplace - — Electric fireplace - — Fireplace in the fireplace in the advantages and disadvantages of different contrast: fireplace advantages: the western tradition, heat enough faults: because need or chimney flue exhaust smoke and dust, and so on building structure and space requirements is larger; Burning wood, waste of resources; Have a smoke, is not easy to clean; Yes, chimney flue, unsafe fireplace advantages: think of heat, high efficiency, low cost; Natural and comfortable by convection heat radiation heating, heating mode; Weakness: have; Still need the flue; With flammable gas as energy ( Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas) There is always a safe hidden trouble of electric fireplace advantages: for electric energy, no pollution, ornamental and heating can be arbitrary choice, ornamental 50 w - electricity consumption 800 w - 200 w, heating power consumption 2000; Imitation, viewing the heating at the same time to prevent the safe hidden trouble that may cause faults: flame change is small, can't imitate the changing flame effect; In the condition of power can't use the fireplace advantage: modern fireplace in the market to be bestowed favor on newly, decoration as the main purpose, modelling is to get rid of the traditional restrictions, full of contemporary and modern; Appearance modelling diversity, size, all appropriate, the be fond of according to customer the modelling of custom products, specifications. Portable, easy to use; It's simple to maintain, because it does not produce flue gas dust; More security, because it does not produce waste gas, no power, is the safest of all types of fireplace; Low cost relative to other traditional fireplace, better adapt to the consumer pursue cheap and fine mind faults: heating effect is less than the above several kinds of traditional fireplace, burning time is not long enough; There is also a safety hazard, but relatively conventional fireplace is small
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