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All kinds of lamp you know there are a few of modern art?

by:Longjian     2020-08-26
Technology over the years, the change of the modern art lighting also with each passing day, not limited to the single lamp, and a variety of ascension to, not only learned the whole copper chandelier rich and decent, and use of Scandinavian minimalist lighting placement path, reduces the unfavorable loading standard living shorter house lighting of blemishes. Such as meters above the height of floor, wall color forest green, blue, incandescent light bulbs, can take full copper chandelier, that light is open, light has the feeling of noisy, beautiful; The height of the floor under 3 meters, milk yellow or white wall, should be taken to the Nordic minimalist lighting, with wide induced growth rooms. Generally, Scandinavian minimalist lighting suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, cooking place, toilet, etc. When in place, want to understand is the sitting room all copper chandelier low gap ground should not be less than 3. Placed 2 meters, the restaurant all copper chandelier width cannot too low, too low will look very crowded, will also show a depressive induction. All copper chandelier is suitable for the sitting room. All the fancy of copper chandelier, more popular with simple high-end candlestick full copper chandelier, new Chinese style full copper chandelier, jade full copper chandelier, etc. Used as a room of single head full copper chandelier and many full copper chandelier two categories, more than the previous used as dormitory, restaurants; The latter should be installed in the living room. Scandinavian minimalist lighting due to lighting above relatively flat, placed behind can reliable on the house at the top of the name. , wrought iron lamp, because of the lighting above relatively flat, when placed at the bottom of the posts can safely on the roof and the name. As technology grows, wrought iron lamp changes also improving little by little every day, not limited to the single lamp, diversification and to grow, not only learned the imitation marble lamp rich and decent, and utilizing the placement form, wrought iron lamp, reduces the shorter living room can't pack specification the shortcomings of lamps and lanterns. Because the house is the place that receive a visitor, you must act the role ofing is tasted. House is imitation marble lamp or wrought iron lamp, should according to the height of your room room, and we be fond of choose and buy, you love is good. The board that is similar to other lamp act the role ofing, yield, wrought iron lamp, such as plastic, glass, metal and ceramic ware. There are some ceramic ware, glass is longer, the life of a not degraded, generous and very fashion. And lights on the metal parts, such as screws, etc. , will slow decay, choose time in nearly five years.
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