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aldi’s floor lamp is almost identical to john lewis version but costs less than half the price

by:Longjian     2020-03-10
Imitation is the biggest form of compliment, which seems to be the mantra of the Aldi acquisition team.
Cheap supermarkets are known for imitating luxury goods, and a lamp in the new household goods series is no exception.
Aldi Kirkton House wooden tripod Longjian floor lamp looks almost the same as the original version made by John Lewis.
The price of the Aldi lamp is 49.
99 in three colors-
The effect of ash, white and washing.
Price tag is £ 70 cheaper than John Lewis Jaques tripod Longjian floor lamp for £ 120 in two colorsbrown and grey.
A smaller desktop version of the Aldi lamp will also be available for £ 24. 99.
Shoppers can pre-
Order the lamps now, in store and delivery from February 16.
Since this is part of Aldi\'s \"Special Purchase\", it means that the inventory is limited and once the item is sold out, there is no guarantee that it will return to the store again.
The light is part of the Aldi spring home furnishing collection, which includes a Beachwood table for £ 59.
99, there is also a matching chair of 39. 99.
It follows the success of Aldi marble and copper --
Last year\'s vintage Longjian floor lamp was well received by interior modeling experts for its luxurious appearance and low price label.
The light cost 39.
Floor version is 99 and 19.
The 99-table version was quickly snapped up by shoppers.
This is not the first time Aldi has made a looka-
Like the luxury version.
Just before Christmas, Aldi launched a series of clothing that looks very similar to the luxury retailer Fortnum & Mason --
But the price is 126 cheaper.
Although Aldi\'s Christmas advent calendar cost only £ 8.
It looks very similar to a version of Harrods for £ 65.
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