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After the debt of 90, are you ok?

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
A liao SAO let you betray oneself, in the pure feeling, The task) S, who also don't know who ah, see think of to forget the title of the TA, in the heart of times you cry drew makeup, yes, if it's goodbye cannot be red face, whether can you red eyes? What a man of the story is not coming from mere boys and girls, just me out of the half, return is still young. At present, is arguably the most eggs sore after the 90 chrysanthemum tight generation, especially they trot toward turned 30 forward little several beaten don't care what the real world. Have to say, some 90 after do walk in the forefront of The Times, such as my friend's boss, have 5 sets of houses in shenzhen. In an unguarded moment, some 90 after falling into the era of the prostate, such as my friend, old beam, she is still in the imperial city liver with thousands of scene graph led the low salary is not happy. Is indebted generation after 90, but unfortunately is often in the most money when talked about a magnificent and victorious love, only to find the true love in front of the reality on the intersection parked BMW 5; To change the world, but after years of practice, but also can smooth the tube after 00 Wang Ge boss calls. Is that a dream didn't, I don't know, is probably not dropped when the prices of those dreams nestlings, the hair to fall out. 'What is very good, you rest assured. 'Said to the parents on the phone. 'I was how to run quickly! 'Said to himself. We ever fantasy all 30 years old, cars and housing, private courtyard, there are the school district room, and favorite people together, and the son of a thick skin resistance to beat a beautiful little princess, have a high-paying decent work, not too busy. And now, our wish is very simple guileless, can afford to buy a house. And when you open up between parents saucepans cobble together a give you down payment, loan prostitution for 20 years prior rights 70 temporary shelters after mating, the fragrance of the stranger, like many years ago for the first time you smell the flavor of the hormones, this full-bodied breath, let a person sweet enchanted, let we can't forget you. Then call, that night, in your memory, cannot erase, and then you into a deep remorse, this elegant wood fire, the firewood as sound waves in the memory, now maybe only exists in your own mind so again, you choose to find quietly, until the whole night sitting in the stale of the fireplace, fingertips lightly across it evenly, like many years ago, carefully for fear that it should hurt, you suddenly remind of childhood is the most like to eat of the mouth, quickly cut a small piece of meat in the burn, then the teeth to bite not bottom go to, and then the juices flowing. Incisively and vividly and refreshed, full of the mouth, so you can't resist, increasing the speed of a tooth, so that the tongue feeling, is the flavor of the memory of youth. Life always calm, juice on 4 days, always in the way of life, seem normal, you need a fireplace, this time to meet you all illusions of life. So let me to comfort you not each fireplace, are eligible to please you. When I was a child, it is the king of the land; With 35 years experience worker, a moment patiently wait for the perfect balance, it cast; Each link should hand control, carefully. All the unstable factors must be cut off. It is not seen you cry to eat a meal, can always accompany you go on old chap.
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