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achieve designer grade lighting with beautiful wall lights

by:Longjian     2020-02-27
With so many options, do I need a lighting designer to help me understand my home lighting needs?
Otherwise, most lighting design centers and suppliers can help you get the best value for your investment.
If you don\'t understand the theory of light and design, you can comfortably understand the basics and some guidelines for making these decisions.
Among many of your other questions, the first question may be how much lighting do I need?
So how to calculate it?
Like most things in life, there is a formula that is very easy.
In feet, multiply the length of the room by the width or length of the room by the width.
Then multiply the answer you get by 1.
In order to reach the wattage, you need to light the room properly to get general lighting.
Use the same formula for task lighting, but use 2. 5 instead of 1.
Find the required wattage.
Now that it looks easy, let\'s briefly discuss the different areas of your home and what you might want to consider for your environment, tasks, or decorative lighting needs.
To illuminate the foyer or entrance, you need to consider the width and height of the fixture.
To determine the appropriate width of the fixture, add the space length to the space width (L + W).
Calculate the results with your feet.
The resulting number (in inches) is the fixture size you need.
To determine the appropriate height of the fixture, you want the fixture to be at least 7 feet from the floor. A two or three-
Multi-storey chandeliers should only be used if you have a high ceiling.
If there is a window above the front door of the foyer, then you should Center the hanging fixture so that it can be seen from the outside.
Additional wall lights can be used if the area is large.
They should be about 60 inch away from the floor, about 6 to 8 feet apart.
Corridor lighting you should plan to have a fixture every eight to 10 feet.
Use flush or half
Flush mounted ceiling light.
If your corridor is long, you can also consider using wall lights to add light.
They should be about 60 inch away from the floor and about six to 8 feet apart along the walls.
The main light in the living room can be a chandelier with flush or half flush
Flush installation if suitable for decoration.
Like the foyer, fixtures need to be at least 7 feet above the floor.
The use of wall lights, desk lamps or floor lamps will increase the ambient lighting and task lighting.
Restaurant lighting-
There should be no more than 12 chandeliers in your restaurant (12)
A few inches smaller than the width of the table.
Assuming the ceiling height is 8 (8)
Feet, the bottom of the chandelier should be no less than 30 inch above the desktop.
Increase the fixture by 1 feet for every 3 inch increase in ceiling height.
Similar to your living room, you can use wall lights, desk lamps or buffet lights to add more light and atmosphere.
Wall lights or wall lights hang about 60 inch from the ground.
Kitchen lighting should be a combination of ambient ceiling mounted lighting and task lighting (such as lighting under the cabinet counter.
To illuminate areas such as kitchen island or dining area, please use a decorative fixture with two or three shades or multiple pendants.
The bottom of the fixture should be no less than 30 inch above the countertop or table.
Bedroom lighting you usually want to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom while providing highlights for reading and other activities.
A combination of ceiling fans, floor lamps, embedded lighting, and wall lamps can provide general or ambient lighting.
For wardrobe and corridor lighting, embedded lighting is recommended.
The rail lighting work is completed in order to show the artwork.
The lighting needs of the bathroom will vary by size, and some modern bathrooms are designed as leisure places outside the master\'s suite, while traditional bathrooms only provide enough space for daily grooming and privacy features.
Ceiling or wall lights will provide general lighting needs, but personal grooming meters are best illuminated with specially designed lamps and lanterns, as moisture also needs to be treated in some bathing areas.
Keep in mind that with the vast selection of beautiful and practical wall lights, they should be installed about 60 inch from the floor no matter which room you are lighting.
The small crystal Longjian wall light will add a designer touch to any room in your home.
If you also have stairs in your home, you must fully provide wall lights or specially designed stair lights for safety reasons.
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