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Absorb dome light and droplight is suitable for the space collocation ___ zhongshan lamp act the role ofing, respectively

by:Longjian     2020-10-01
Absorb dome light and is suitable for the space collocation chandelier lighting as one of the most important member of the household is decorated, the old saying goes, lamp act the role ofing to choose the good, the husband to go home early. According to statistics, droplight and absorb dome light are two of the many families choose most of lamp act the role ofing, a lot of people don't know what choices when the choose and buy, lamp act the role ofing is next to introduce for everybody, about the characteristics of droplight and absorb dome light, and they go well with practical scenarios to absorb dome light absorb dome light is not limited by space, relative to droplight, absorb dome light is more practical. Sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, storage, and even aisle, absorb dome light can play a huge advantage. LED to absorb dome light is adsorption or embedded in the ceiling of the roof lamp act the role ofing, is the body of the indoor lighting equipment, is the family, office, entertainment place, often choose the lamps and lanterns of various places. Generally around 200 mm diameter dome light is suitable for use in the hallway, bathroom, and 400 mm diameter is installed at the top of not less than 16 square meters room is advisable. Absorb dome light commonly used well cover to absorb dome light, ball absorb dome light, pointed oval absorb dome light, half sphere absorb dome light, half shallow spherical dome light, small oblong shield absorb dome light, etc. Beautiful droplight is very suitable for the sitting room buy the users are often be grass shape of droplight, it more emphasis on beautiful sex and decorative. The pattern of droplight very much, the commonly used have continental candlestick droplight, Chinese style pendant lamp, crystal droplight, etc. And single head droplight used in bedroom, dining-room, bull droplight is generally installed in the sitting room decorate beautification effect. In addition it is important to note: the installation of the chandelier height from the ground can not less than 2. 2 meters. Europe type droplight luxurious and elegant, wants to be a 'home' atmosphere of friends don't miss it. Europe type droplight is applicable to the family, of course, large area of the user. The droplight with contemporary and contracted style on the market at present, of course, design also many, is not confined to the living room area, for choose room is big, all kinds of lines are optional. Crystal lamp is also one of the be fond of of customers, but we need to pay attention to identify when buy, crystal there must be some difference between the material of different lighting effects. Choose can install the droplight with energy-saving lamps light source, and plating of droplight is easy to rub off with a long time, all the material such as metal and glass inside and outside the consistent droplight is better. Believe that each friends after listening to a small make up of introduction, should have some understanding about the lighting in my heart, in the future when the choose and buy or want to choose according to actual condition oh ~
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